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M.A.D Mad About Dance

M.A.D Mad About Dance

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Directed by : Saahil Prem

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  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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Krumping, Popping n Locking, B-Boying- the 1st Indian film to have it all.


“Mad About Dance is a predictable film that lacks the spark, energy and ingenuity of its counterparts. While the dancing is remarkable, the acting is amateur-ish. Watch it only if you're mad about dance.”

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Saahil Prem


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M.A.D Mad About Dance Audience Review

Not as MAD as it should be

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Mad About Dance has a lot of dancing of the krumping. popping, locking etc. kind. So, if you don't enjoy that style or that music then you probably will get bored in this film. Chances of your getting bored even if you do like these dance styles are high anyway, but a few cool moves will keep you entertained for brief spots of time.

Dance movies follow a pretty fixed trajectory and this is one is not much different. Indian boy goes to Sheffield to meet the dancer he idolizes and join his crew. Gets rebuffed, forms his own crew, acquires girlfriend and then has to prove that an Indian crew full of 'brownies' can dance as well as the 'goras'. You know how that goes. There are also a couple of side stories which are actually far more interesting-for e.g., a guy trying to collect money to fund his studies but they don't get much time to develop given that we are only mad about dance.

The movie stays more or less on track and that is a good thing. However, the spark is missing and that could possibly be due to the chilled energy of the star as well as the Director and writer Saahil Prem. He looks cute in the way guys with curly hair do but his body doesn't have the charge that a dancer's has and that doesn't make him convincing enough as a world class dancer specially when pitted against far better dancers in his own crew. There is a guy who comes in towards the end who is supposed to be a failed dancer who is fabulous and who would perhaps have added more fire and energy to the movie.

The other bugging thing is about getting the patriotic angle in needlessly. There is a dance competition, the two teams tie and decide to compete again on the streets to decide the real winner. Instead of competing on a level playing field they get bhangra music in and win because the other team can't understand the music. That's not a fair win and takes away from the point that they are actually better dancers. You feel cheated and bugged with all that flag waving etc.

The heroine Amrit Maghera has shining eyes and a great smile and dances ok. Its Rashul Tandon as the rich Punjabi boy GG who is charming and stays with you after the movie is over.

Mad About Dance lacks the gloss that ABCD has probably coz it's a cheaper film. But it also lacks the infectious spirit that ABCD had where you rooted for the underdogs with your heart. The good part is that there are no OTT scenes and it keeps on the sensible side of things. Maybe Sahil Prem can do better next time. Should you watch it? Only if you are Mad about Dance.

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