Mere Haule Dost

Mere Haule Dost

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Directed by : Nitin Raghunath

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A new film based in Hyderabad offering a lighthearted depiction of self discovery, adventure & growing up.

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Anirudh Loka


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Disgrace to indie genre

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Mere Haule Dost is proof to the fact that even independent films can be bad once in a while. If you think indie is one of the highly respected genres, especially after films such as "Ship of Theseus", "Delhi in a Day" and "The Untitled Karthik Krishnan Project" was made, then this is definitely not the kind of independent film you should be proud of watching. This is probably why even the good indie films seldom get the theatrical mileage they deserve because most of the times they are mistaken for the output of a naive filmmaker.

It's the story of five ambitious friends, literally broke, who dream of participating in the Himalayan bike rally for over a year.

Set against the backdrop of Hyderabad, "Mere Haule Dost" takes us through the lives of the laidback youngsters, who attempt to mend their problems and somehow make it to the rally. Will they succeed in their endeavor? This forms the rest of the story.

The film doesn't particular follow any story. All we get to see in about two hours is how five uninspiring characters make their life uninteresting. The film has a ray of excitement initially but it doesn't stay longer to keep you hooked to the seats.

None of the members pose skills required to participate in the rally. Neither do they have the financial stability nor the expertise to assemble a two-wheeler. While all the characters know for a fact that they don't have money to even leave the country, why aren't they working to cough up money for the rally? Instead they spend most of their merely talking, which includes lines that are supposedly funny, but never makes sense.

I'm surprised how this film even got the nod from PVR to be showcased across states in their cinemas. It's barely watchable, let alone being called an independent feature, which I think is disrespectful to the genre.

The film is a throwback to college life, but hardly does it leave an impact in the audiences. For a film featuring a group of friends, there's always lot of humour for situation comedy, but hardly do we the spark of comedy in the film.

You talk about a bike rally, but we don't see any passion in the boys for bikes. They are too busy entangled in their own relationships and only dream of making it to the rally. How? I suppose only god has answers to such questions.

It's the music and the background score that act as a saving grace of an almost amateurish film that has the gall to call itself independent.

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