Mighty Raju Rio Calling

Mighty Raju Rio Calling

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Directed by : Rajiv Chilaka

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Adventure beckons our fearless hero Mighty Raju this time in South America as his wits and powers are put to the test in a pulse-racing face-off against nasty soccer rivals, gun-toting Mafia dons and deadly Capoeira fighters all set out to strike him down. It's game time for Mighty Raju in the sunny seaside city of Rio de Jan...more


“While the animation is substandard, Mighty Raju Rio Calling has enough kicks to satisfy the kids who are fans of the character.”

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  • Gross: INR 1.17 cr.
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Chotha Rajan Just Got Minimized

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Mighty Raju Calling, the animated Hindi feature, doesnt stray far from classic Hindi cinema fare about the young desi abroad . We have the same wide eyed, good hearted, Made in India boy about pherang town where everyone speaks Hindi like Tom Alter. The pooch Moby like his counterparts in celluloid will lose his heart to a poodle, his young master will miss his desh ke samose, and bullied by the non Indian boys, wooed by the Don Ki Beti...though desh ki Ganga apni Julie will appear right in time. There will be a LOT of product endorsement, singing in the streets and the bad guys will have a ominous catch phrase (LUCA SE LOGE PUNGA TOU LIFE MAI HOJAYEGA DHANGA) as well as references to jigar and trigger (gulp!) jaisa ke Hindi filmo mai hota hai.

Mighty Raju Rio Calling (It is FIFA World Cup time again, and you have to note the aspirational gleam in the eyes of the five year olds in the audience) has Raju playing soccer in Brazil. We finally know the back story to Mighty Raju's super powers (Parents in the audience..go home and LOCK YOUR MEDICINE CABINET NOW!) and the rivalry between the two scientists Swaami and Karaati. Raju's dad has been commissioned to help Brazilian scientists track down the mystery behind computer frames being attacked by a mystery glitch. The good scientist moves with his young family and family dog to Rio; and we discover that some strange force field is draining Mighty Raju's super powers too. What is happening? All will be revealed in good time and Raju will save the game and his parents and the city of Rio by the time the movie ends. Your sanity not so much.