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Mirza Juliet

Mirza Juliet

2.9 2,322 Ratings

Directed by : Rajesh Ram Singh

Release Date : | Length : 125 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Mirza Juliet is a moderate budget Bollywood romantic movie that stars Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpayi in the lead.


“If romance is what you're seeking out of this one, disappointment is what you'll take home!”

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Darshan Kumar

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Mirza Juliet Review

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Samedha Arora (3,176 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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It's that Shakespearean tradegy Romeo and Juliet vomit again which has worn off the endurance of your sordid Bollywood flicks intestines this time. For how long you will keep giving us that poor production mayhem plot again and again and again and again …. And Again? I'm referring to ishqzaade, ram leela, another film with good AR Rehman music and countless remakes of sir Shakespeare stories in Bollywood

A small town, two lover and a political environment, seems familiar? It should.

The story is based in Uttar Pradesh. Mirza is a professional hitman who wants to give up his life of crime and Juliet is a young sister in Mirzapur's leading family, that tough girl you don't want to mess with. The two are childhood sweethearts sort of. So Juliet who's set to marry every local story's badboy, a corrupt politician in a small town because her brother says so. Thus Mirza becomes her knight in shining armour and her forbidden romance.

Mirza Juliett is That same beaten plot with a bonus of vulgar screenwriting, corny dialogues and poor production. Maybe this film wanted Ram Leela's plot but on it's 0.6% film budget? Call Doordarshan's sex movie. Those perpetual sex references in every next scene and horny Mirza hitting on Juliet with the cheesiest way possible, don't bring anything to eat along with this movie.

Pia Bajpai pulls off that loud kurte wali tomboy character well. Her acting could be it but the poor plot overshadows her performance. Darshan Kumar plays the role of calm hitman… calm hitman? He too mends in with his role well but his character construction and poor writing of the film sends him through the backdoor.

Mirza Juliet is retale of tragedy which ultimately becomes a tragedy. Mirza Juliet is about Misogyny, communal hate, corrupt politicians and sex.

This movie is not a time killer, because I'd rather watch a decent Romeo and Juliet remake. If I were you I'd certainly give this failed masala story a pass.

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