Mirza Juliet

Mirza Juliet

2.9 2,249 Ratings

Directed by : Rajesh Ram Singh

Release Date : | Length : 125 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Mirza Juliet is a moderate budget Bollywood romantic movie that stars Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpayi in the lead.


“If romance is what you're seeking out of this one, disappointment is what you'll take home!”

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Darshan Kumar

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Hamari Pyaari Behaniya Banegi Dulhania.

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Mirza Juliet ,the nth version of love stories is touted to be a romantic comedy.Is it so?
Here the badlands are in Mirzapur.There are two Bahubali parivars - of Pandey and Shukla.Both overlord the district with their gun power.Such men are in politics ,use their daughters and bahus to further their hold over the politics,get their nearest and dearest murdered to gain public sympathy during elections and offcourse control the police.For them ends are important ,not the means.
The Shukla's are three brothers - Dharam Raj,Bheem and Nakul.They have a bindaas sis in Julie( Pia Bajpai) ,whos engaged to Rajan Pandey( Chandan Roy Sanyal).Rajan is the son of Veer Pratap Singh ( Swanand Kirkire),a seasoned politician.Elections are on the horizon His younger brother had been shot in day light .By whom? Why? Ticket has been given to Rajan.His marriage to Julie has been kept on hold .Why?.Meanwhile Julie has start to love Mirza( Darshan Kumar).Who?
Who gets Julie? Is her marriage solemnised? Does she go with Mirza? Or what else? Wait till the climax.
Lets examine the characters.Rajan is a lout.He has violated Julie before the marriage.Julie herself has no inhibitions about the S.. word. She has had a physical relationship with Mirza.Has the courage to bash the Romeos.Is adamant to report her violation to the police.Surprisingly her own brothers dissuade her not to do so.Why? The honour of the family has to be kept in mind.In any case Rajan would have got his conjugal right post marriage.Why the fuss?
Surprisingly no rape victim resorts to report the same online in films? Similarly none of the bahus in the Shukla household stand up against the vilolance perpetrated by their husbands?
One thing is clear that those who live by guns,die with guns.The gun culture needs to be curtailed through stringent liscensing priceedures.Also,gun trafficking needs to be dealt with.
The climax scenes in Nepal are well handled.
A routine movie .