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Directed by : Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

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A timeless folktale about star-crossed lovers is played out in two parallel worlds, one real, and one fantastical. As the lovers grapple with forces that seek to keep them apart in both avatars, they discover that even a moment of true love is worth an entire lifetime.


“Mirzya is excruciatingly slow for a heartbreaking romance, a lost chance!”

Mirzya Credit & Casting

Harshvardhan Kapoor

Mirzya Audience Review

Game of Thrones meets Hero

| by Smita Vyas Kumar |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Mirzya is a lavishly mounted movie that makes no sense. I am guessing the Director was aiming for a grand, historic passion sweeping across centuries from the first Primitive man, dressed in Game of Thrones outfits in an icy landscape to a scruffy young man channeling Jackie Shroff from Hero in modern day Rajasthan. Instead, what we get is a jump started love story that lacks any fire or passion.

The love that the couple feel for each other has to be Karmic. How else do you explain a Shakespeare-spouting girl seemingly in love with a charming Prince suddenly and inexplicably falling for the stable hand? Turns out he is the boy from her school who carried her school bag, brought her til laddus and took her on rides on his cycle down steep slopes. He not being man enough as a 12-year-old to own up to not doing his homework, she took the beating for him and in revenge he killed the teacher and then ran away from a remand home. She still has a soft spot the size of a swampland for him and when she realizes that the scruffy guy teaching her horse riding is him she quickly abandons the Prince and decides to elope with him. Obviously, the Game of Thrones hangover from the Paleolithic age transcends time to find true love. All Hell breaks loose and the flowers from the Neanderthal tree that covered the two lovers in ice age now fall on them in the middle of the desert. Such poetry, such passion, such crap.

When the primary reasons for a story to move forward are weak, the movie can fall flat on its face. Nothing anyone can do can make the actions of the principal characters look convincing. Neither the beautiful landscapes, nor the very interesting dance troupe that serves as the chorus nor the fusion music can take away from the fact that the actions of the charactersare inexplicable. We don’t see the two of them building up a friendship which leads to her slowly realizing he is the same guy from school she loved when she was 12. Their love seems so sudden that we are left at a loss as to why she, an intelligent young woman would throw away a perfectly good relationship with her fiancé, to be with a guy she hardly knows now. The lack of any build-up makes the love story weak at the core.

Harshvardhan Kapoor is Anil Kapoor’s son but displays none of his charm. Maybe the problem is that the overdose of facial hair renders any of his expressions inscrutable. Not much of a debut I would think. Saiyami Kher looks attractive. Maybe she will act in her next movie. Currently it’s enough to have curly hair and smile prettily. The Prince played by Anuj Choudhry is pleasant but Anjali Patil as Zeenat who loves Mirzya is the one that I really liked watching.

When you start fiddling with your phone at crucial points in the movie and when two hours seem to stretch across the ages then you know a movie is in trouble. Grand passion stories need to make you ache inside. What you get here is just a headache. Watch Game of Thrones instead.