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2.6 239 Ratings

Directed by : Sushen Bhatnagar

Release Date : | Length : 124 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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The movie is about an ambitious woman who gets trapped in circumstances beyond her control and is murdered.


“A perfect example of B-grade cinema with an outmoded script! Watch it at your own risk.”

Monica Audience Review

Everyone Killed Monica

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Mehul Suri (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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And they all slept with her too. Sushen Bhatnagar (director of the forgettable Soch) serves us yet
another mishmash of thriller-suspense-drama. Monica (Divya Dutta) is an up and coming journalist
who sleeps her way to the top only to get embroiled in a telecom scam, involving the minister, a top
corporate and a high profile newspaper editor. We know from the beginning that she is killed but
only after two hours and twenty minutes does the painful conclusion to this case happen. There is
court room drama, and many fast paced chilling psycho moments. But what could have been a great
opportunity to comment on the political-media-corporate nexus turns out to be a pain in the ass.

Divya Dutta hams her way throughout the film. And yes she has exposed a lot (as is the demand of such B-grade cinema). The script of the film is so redundant that you wonder if you have traveled in a time machine and gone back to the eighties. Director Sushen Bhatnagar does a competent job but definitely lacks vision since he is also the writer of the film and hasnt been able to translate the original thought onto film. The screenplay follows a non-linear format but does not confuse the viewer. And that is only because everything is so retarded that single digit IQ individuals will also find this an insult to their intelligence.

The film is not a big release and might be aimed only at the B & C centers. What with Divya Duttas
boobs hanging out of her weird costumes, it couldnt be more than that. There is liberal dosage of
English dialogue and the four letter word is used quite often, which makes me wonder if the film is
aimed at any audience at all; besides the relatives of the director and the actors (which was true for the screening I went for).

Watching this film made me realize that a critics job is no bed of roses. But someones gotta do it. In
this case that poor bas%@*d happened to be me. But I do not wish this fate even on my worst enemy. Or maybe I do.

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