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Mumbai Mast Kallander

Mumbai Mast Kallander

2.7 145 Ratings

Directed by : Aman Mihani, Ashraf Ul Haq

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Mumbai Mast Kallander is the saga of two brothers - Ram and Shyam, who have come to Mumbai to fulfill their dreams of becoming celebrity dons. It also features the life and love of two live-in friends Rhea and Meghna. Rhea's life and dream is her salon while Meghna dreams of nothing but the Oscars. Mr. Raheja, a builder, fath...more


“An utterly unfamiliar cast and not much to entertain you! Can be avoided.”

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Rajesh Vivek

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Avoid,abstain, desist,evade,ESCAPE

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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An amateur production with a story which has been patched together hastily the movie suffers from a bad screenplay, wooden acting, pathetic production values, time wasting songs and terrible clothes. It has the look and feel of vanity publishing, the difference being that vanity publications are for private distribution only to friends and family.

The story is of two country yokels who come to Mumbai to work for a Don. There is a guy whom everyone wants to kidnap and all sorts of running around happens around this event. People have strange names like Ghatkopar and Shahenshah (who is a take off on Amitabh and is slightly funny at times). Towards the end everyone beats up everyone else and then say sorry like they accidentally bumped you and spilt wine on your dress.

I cant waste more time or words reviewing this one and I suggest you dont waste your time going for it.

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