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Munna Michael

Munna Michael

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Directed by : Sabbir Khan

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  • MJ Rating 2.9/5
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After his successful collaboration with Sabbir Khan in Heropanti and Baaghi, Tiger Shroff this time along with Nawazuddin Siddique joins hands with the director to present a dance film. Munna Michael is a dance comedy drama that also stars Nidhi Agerwal. The film is produced by Eros International.


“With all the masala ingredients, this one is an entertaining affair”

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Tiger Shroff

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Rated 4.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Sometimes when you cook, a dish comes out just right. It has the right amount of spices that give it the perfect tastes that leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of your meal. Munna Michael is that dish. I totally enjoyed watching every moment of it except for a mediocre love song, but that's just quibbling.

The movie is about following your dreams and being true to your passions. There are lots of movies like that. What sets this apart is that the story has lots more apart from just the dance angle. The best part is they are well woven in and make the movie quite meaty in content. There is lots of stuff happening and most of it is logical or at least logical in a filmi way so you can buy it.

Munna Michael loves to dance. His foster dad, a failed dancer, wants him to have a corporate job. Munna earns money by wining dance face-offs at pubs. At one of them he meets a land shark thug who wants to learn dancing so that he can impress a young dancer he is in love with. Munna becomes his teacher and then his friend and though he wants to help the gangster, he falls in love himself. The story builds up on all these angles, the ambitions of the young dancers to make it big, the gangster's crazy love and the romance between the two young people.

Tiger earns his stripes with this movie. He puts his soul into his work. He has built his body to perfection and his dances and fights show perfect form and control. It is a joy just to watch him move. He still has a bit of road to cover before I call him a good actor but he has a sincerity and simplicity just like his dad that makes him very likeable. He also tries to look more manly here and it has worked going by the claps and whistles in the hall. The new actress NIdhhi Agerwal is spunky and cute but no match for Tiger in the dance department. It's a stretch to imagine her winning a housing society dance show leave alone an all-India one. Nawazzudin steals the show but then he always does. As Mahi, the gangster moonily in love he is all gooey eyed even when he is bashing up some hapless soul. He lets himself go in the dance sequences which are going to be regarded as classic in Hindi cinema. He makes you laugh without being slapstick and that needs genius. The beauty is that he never overshadows Tiger but lifts the movie out of being just another dance movie to something far more complex.

The songs are peppy dance tracks that can get your feet moving involuntarily. I don't know about their staying power but while they play you can happily shale your shoulders a bit. The comedy is absolutely spot on and peppered through the movie in the right doses thanks to Mahi's henchmen. The dances are well choreographed though I wish there was at least one l MJ number, instead of just the wee bit we get.

After having reviewed 500 odd movies over the last 7 years you can't blame me for being a bit jaded with what I see. But Munna Michael kept me happily engrossed for its full playtime of 2 hours and some. You can take kids if you don't mind them watching the fight sequences. It's a movie with a youthful energy and a fun spirit that will leave you energized. Go for it and dance away!

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