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Naam Shabana

Naam Shabana

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Directed by : Shivam Nair

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Coming off as a rare spin off in Bollywood, Naam Shabana is a spin off to 2015's thriller hit Baby. Also starring the likes of Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpai, Danny and Anupam Kher, the film is centered around Taapsee Panuu who plays the title role and the lead.


“Naam Shabana isn’t just a worthy addition to spy movies, it’s a better one!”

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Shabhana is not a cute Baby, she's Badass

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Sit back, hold tight because Naam Shabhana, Baby's Baby just entered the screen. Baby set a pretty high benchmark for Indian spy movies in 2016 and as Shabhana works in same office space as Akshay Kumar, the expectations become rather high for this much anticipated spin off. With a few glitches here and there, Shabhana still manages to hold you fast to your seat with its convincing plotline.

Taapsee Pannu's enthralling and captivating performance in a women centered movie Pink left us mesmerized and this women centered movie in her filmography is a blue chip performance. Because this time she will use some kicks and punches to answer back.

Remember that badass heroine in Baby guy black and blue? No worries, Naam Shabhana will apprise you how a random girl in Mumbai became that badass.

The story starts with Shabhana Khan, a middle class Kudo champion of her college, that next door girl with a stoic face, that girl who has built her walls way up high. Jai, Shabhana's pick and drop driver friend is in head over heels with her, but Shabhana has closed off all her doors. On Jai's birthday, he confesses his love for Shabhana which also makes her confront the wounds of her walls. Things take turn when Jai is tragically killed in an eve teasing incident which leaves Shabhana lamented. After failed attempts of getting justice for her vain lover, she is contacted by mysterious guy who offers the contact details of Jai's killer in return of Shabhana's fidelity to his agency. The story then builds up through Shabhana's induction in a national secret agency of the unsung heroes to finally embracing her identity.

The movie's first half is introduction to Shabhana and film's second half is Shabhana's journey as a field agent.Naam Shabhana is a progressive plotline where Shabhana goes from to doing some kudo stunts on her mat to finally smashing someone's face with her acquired skills. The character development is what makes the story line so riveting. Shabhana's dedication and devotion to her notions appeals the audience in a wider sphere and Naam Shabhana being a women centered movie becomes a fair deal to watch.

Coming on the negative side, movie's intitial 30 minutes were a drag, the dialogue delivery and and screen progression were a meh! One good song "Zinda Hu Abhi" was enough for Shabhana rough hard training' s background but film's unneeded music was a worthless addition.

Taapsee Pannu's performance was seat fixting throughout the film, she holds Naam Shabhan like a Prima Donna. Capturing Shabhana's emotions, and her cumulative character development brings all the praise to her acting house. Manoj Bajpayee manages well to deliver that stereotype spy boss character, even the movie just revolves around Pannu, his sporadic appearances just adds up to the well written plotline. The well loved pair Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher makes an appearance just to bring the Baby's commendable pieces back. Overall this was Pannu's film and what a scintillating performance this girl has given.

Sabhana however stays true to its antecedent Baby. Baby's original caste, all comes in support of their Baby Shabhana. Be it Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher's chemistry or that PM's assistant, you will still be reminded it's a Baby prequel. Thoughout the movie Akshay Kumar's job was to hold Shabhana's arm while she's walking but hey we won't blame him, this Shabhana's first mission and she deserves a good mentor.

If you're looking for film with a strong female lead, the thrills and actions and enrapturing plotline our girl Shabhana won't waste your time. It's a safe movie to bet your bucks on.

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