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Directed by : Vikram Bhatt

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After having created a successful horror franchise out of movies like 1920, 1920 Evil Returns & 1920 London, Vikram Bhatt adds a fourth instalment in the series with 1921. The film stars Zarine Khan and Karan Kundra in the lead.


“Vikram Bhatt’s brand of horror needs a fix, 1921 is yet another example”

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Karan Kundra


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1921 Audience Review

1921- is director's confused indulgence.

| by Dev Raj Gulati |
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The problem with so called ' horror' films is that they have similar plots( ghosts and spirits in dilapidated mansions) and hardly scare anymore.The same is the case with the flick under review.
Here we have one Mr Wadia( Vikram Bhatt,the director cum writer) who has sponsored one struggling musician Ayush ( Karan Kundra) to get a formal training in music and also take charge of his mansion in York( UK).The time period is 1921.
Being a struggler Ayush is forced to sing for his audience for a price.The niece of Wadia detests this behaviour.Though falling in love with the girl gets killed in a car accident.
In another plot one Ms Rose ( Zareen Khan) has also got attracted to the musician boy.
There are many more sub plots,mysterious deaths,spirits et al.All unconnected and confusing.It's not clear who are human and who are ghosts.
The climax tries to explain how the human Ayush and Rose get united.
The belief in the para normal and superstitions is far away from the thought of the rationalist.There is no message for the viewers.The songs are mere fillers.The performances are average.The length needs to be pruned.
The climax scenes in the hospital full of ghosts is a surprise element.Zareen Khan is spared from indulging in skin show.The period (1920s) details ( lanterns,candles and car) are though kept in mind.
All in all 1921 is old fashioned,slow,non scarry and confused.Can be skipped.