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Touted as India's first suspect thriller, Nirdosh stars Arbaaz Khan and Manjari Fadnis in the lead and will hit the screens on January 15th.

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A murder mystery CID Ishtyle.

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Dev Raj Gulati (1,827 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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We all have seen several episodes of CID on the small screen.The movie under review retains the same technique with corresponding characters as substitute.There's a murder( or is to so),the investigator has been given three days toake out a prima facie case against the ' killer'( in police custody),several suspects have been questioned ,does the cop succeed ? Go see for your self.
Shanaya( Manjari Phadnis),a content writer at a TV channel has had a love marriage with Gautam Grover( Ashmit Patel).They are blessed with a daughter.Being hard pressed to pay for the loan cum EMIs,they have allowed a PG - Ada( Mahek Chahal)- an aspiring actress with lot of whoomp - to stay with them for a paltry sum of Rs 15kpm.
The husband has fallen for her .One Rana( Mukul Dutt)- an abusive husband cum habitual women stairer ,has made a secretive video of their affair.He starts black mailing the wife.He also black mails Ada also.
Rana is killed.By whom?
Lokhande - the ace investigator in Arbaaz Khan- has started to investigate Shanaya ,as the prime suspect.Unable to find the murder weapon,his hands are tied.
Within the remand period of three days ,he has examined other suspects also.They are many in number ,still the mens rea and the weapon is lacking.
The matter is taken up by the court on the fourth day.
Shanaya is let off in the absence of probable evidence.
What was the reality?
The direction by the duo debut directors,the scripting and performances by all is good.
One wonders - could all the investigations have been made within three days?
Nirdosh is a low budget but engaging murder mystery.
Those who appreciate CID and Crime Patrol,would like the movie under review as well.

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