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Set in the fast moving city of Mumbai, Noor is the story of a girl trying to make a mark for herself. Playing the title role of Noor, Sonakshi Sinha plays a journalist while Kanan Gill plays the male lead. Purab Kohli also happens to play a key role in the movie.


“A refreshingly good concept is marred by some sluggish treatment!”

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Sonakshi Sinha


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Truth never loses.

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Noor ( Sonakshi Sinha)introduces herself as a looser,a failed journalist,a wayward negative personality and a dissatisfied woman.She spends over four hours daily commuting in her Nano car.She is living on birrowed funds.Her potential in TV journalism is being cut short by her own editor( Manish Chaudhari).She aspires to be an investigative journalist,instead put on 'soft insignificant assignments' ,like interviewing Sunny Leone.All her three relationships are failed one's.She even leaves her job.What next? Here's a twist.
It's a chance factor that she unearths a scooping story from the bitter experience of her own maid( Smita Tambe).What is it? Is it worthy of being aired ? Why are all the victims quiet ?
As the film progresses ,Noor gathers the courage to unravel many more powerful and contemporary stories .By now she has realised the power of media as a 'truthful vigilante'.Does she succeed?
To me there are three layers in the presentation.One,journalism is a serious profession .It should be carried out in a professional manner.Two,never share your stories with fellow beings.Often stories are 'lifted' and presented as their own without an infringement of copyrights.Three,a journalist must unravel the truth despite pulls ,pressures and threats being exercised by the vested interests.
Two one liners are worthy of being inserted-"Brave are those who speak the truth on camera ,not those who have covered the story";"It's easier to get Supari killings done,than finding a suitable match".
Where Noor fails- How could Noor cope up with mere Rs ten thousand in her kitty after resigning from her job?To me, woman emancipation can go through only when she's economically empowered and not by mere lofty ideals and a streak of feminism.There was ample scope in the story to present the film in a thriller format,instead it turns out to be a documentary for those who intend joining journalism as a career.
Just an observation.Noor does hint at the 'video format social media' as the in thing.Majority of us have smart phones.Unedited anonymous stories are being watched on the cell by millions.Not many have the time to read newspapers nor watch TV .Many doubt the credibility of edited one sided slant given to stories in print and on the small screen.Social media ensures stories are not lifted and the credit is given to the vigilante.
All in all,Noor may not draw crowds for it's slowness despite being topical.The discerning could view though.