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O Teri

O Teri

3.2 642 Ratings

Directed by : Umesh Bist

Release Date : | Length : 107 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.4/5
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This is the story of how the exploits of an amorous buffalo led to the unearthing of the biggest scam this country has ever seen. They say Fortune always favors the brave. Well, then they are obviously talking out of their hat. For it sometimes also accidentally shines on the hugely reticent and plain bumbling lucky.


“O Teri is terribly unfunny and an unbearable film. Bad acting and a dull script make this political satire a definite must skip.”

O Teri Credit & Casting

Pulkit Samrat

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  • Gross: INR 3.43 cr.
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A male character is just about to open a door but a woman opens it from the other end, and the guy almost ends up groping her breast. There's the Chaddha (the surname) - chaddi joke. A running gag about a character ramming his vehicle into a cardboard cut-out outside at a dhaba. A character whose name acronyms to AIDS. A typecast Vijay Raaz uttering unusual cuss words. That's the film's idea of humour, y'all.
O Teri follows a series of misadventures of two journalists on the lookout of a sensational scam to boost their career. The milieu is of a system where everyone from the cops to the media are corrupt. Under the guise of a "social message movie" about how corruption is bad (you don't say!) the movie is nothing but a series of unbelievably unfunny gags and an excruciatingly dull narrative. It's the kind of drivel that'd actually put a corrupt politician to shame, not for making money by illegal means but for being the cause behind the existence of such movies. Never before have I felt this strong an urge to walk out of a movie. An aggravating experience.

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