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Directed by : Shoojit Sircar

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Directed by Shoojit Sircar, October is a drama starring Varun Dhawan & newbie Banita Sandhu. Dan played by Varun Dhawan is a perplexingly lost character who's on a constant look out for Shiuli played by Banita. After an unforeseeable turn of events in both of their lives, Dan and Banita find an internal awakening in a story w...more


“For the emotional journey it takes you on, Octobers deserves to be ‘felt’”

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Varun Dhawan


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October has no story. No screenplay. No soul. Rest of it is a masterpiece!

| by Rahul Bharadwaj |
Rated 0.5 / 5
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You will walk out of the theater feeling sorry for Varun Dhawan. He has given his last bit to this movie as an actor. Minus him this movie is a zero with a capital Z. There are two set of people who will still love this one. Basically those who love self pretentious cinema. Those who like to get either bored or depressed for nothing. The movie has absolutely not a single scene worth remembering. Varun Dhawan makes you smile once in a while. The movie is largely shot without any lights so that it helps you in finding depression or sleep or both in the theater. Shoojit Sircar apparently saw a newspaper clip and made this movie. Now that should be the truth because the content is as much as in a small newspaper clip. The good part about this over celebrated movie is that it is only 115 minutes long. So you can escape before depression becomes chronic. Half star. That too for the epic valiant effort of Varun Dhawan. If you really want to cry and feel better try cutting some onions. At least your weekend salad will be ready. Avoid this October in any month.