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Om Dar-B-Dar

Om Dar-B-Dar

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Directed by : Kamal Swaroop

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  • MJ Rating 3.8/5
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As Om rides a bicycle, scissor-legged, the landscape (Pushkar-Ajmer) resounds with distinctive voices: his father's rebellions against the world, his 'bold' sister, her gentle suitor, the searching eyes of the runaway actress, the local businessman trying to protect the diamonds he has shat... the rebellion of the tadpoles. T...more

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Anita Kanwar


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Such A Long Journey

Rated 3.5 / 5
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"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"...well in the beginning was Om Dar-B-Dar and everything else just followed.

Om Dar-B-Dar tou yeh hai Om Dar-B-Dar tou woh hai. Mai tou kahoon Om Dar-B-Dar tou film hi nahi hai, maha film maha film.

Everything that I have loved about Indie- and Indian films owes its roots to Om Dar-B-Dar (Dev D's Emotional Atyaachar, the deadpan humor of Kashyap, small town kitsch as popular culture) and also the not so much (Grand Masti's Rose Mary Marlowe...oh yes, Kapal Bhati, pranayam politics).

There is the Akbar from Amar Akbar Anthony that went to Iraq.

A lala who thinks he is pooping gold, nay diamonds.

Frog dissection classes that will yield more than that elusive A.

How "touch mai kiyu nahi raha" will never sound the same (as will song requests from Jhoomri Tallayia).

Hybrid castes, government servants refused permission for "breath control". Breath control and population control, Atlast bicycles.

Om Dar-B-Dar is brilliant whimsy ,and its vignettes will long stay with me.

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