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Ooops A Desi

Ooops A Desi

4.2 2,617 Ratings

Directed by : Jenner Jose

Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Ooops a Desi is a story of ordinary Desis (with an invalid immigration status) who find themselves in an alarming situation. This could either turn deadly for them or an improbable blessing in disguise that only the ending to this fast paced exciting thriller will reveal.


“Ooops A Desi has a messy plot with nothing much to offer. Skip it.”

Ooops A Desi Credit & Casting

Buali Shah


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  • Gross: INR 0.01 cr.
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Ooops A Desi Audience Review

Ooops I suffered

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Plot : A man is standing in front of car with a placard that says 'bomb here'. That's how the film begins which is sort of a warning to the audience about the kind of a 'bomb' awaits them. The film is a khichdi of various plots and characters intersecting each other's life. It's a wannabe Guy Ritchie film. If you are wondering why I am not writing the plot that's because it is a waste of your time and mine to even give the film that respect to talk about its plot.

Review : Filled with a bunch of non actors that at times provide unintentional laughter this is the kind of film that makes you wonder why do they even make it? At a 2 hours running time I felt I spent an eternity inside the theatre. Amongst the lead only Pragathi Yadhati scores some marks in the looks department. She looks like a mash up of Freida Pinto and the pre surgery Priyanka Chopra. She gets some random moments in the film to show off her dresses and her dance moves. There is one hilarious scene in which a guy is seducing her in the room by doing a strange kind of break dance. If you crave to find your entertainment by watching z grade films then too don't try watching this.

Word of mouth - I know no one is gonna see this films but it's my job to tell you ooops miss this desi.

Rating - * ( terrifyingly terrible)

Ticket meter - not worth even watching at home

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