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Pairon Talle

Pairon Talle

2.7 188 Ratings

Directed by : Sidharth Srinivasan

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  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Amid the epic landscape of the Mahabharata, the stage is set for an intimate yet eternal tussle between custom and commerce, tradition and modernity. Bhanu Kumar, a lower caste watchman, stands fierce guard over his feudal masters disused quarry. But one night, when forced to choose between habit and humanity, Bhanus blind lo...more

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Dibyendu Bhattacharya

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Indie bhindi

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Pvr under its banner called director's rare has been releasing films and documentaries which otherwise probably wouldn't have seen a release. Along with the boon of discovering some very good cinema there are days when you discover a film like Pairon talle.

Bhanu (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) is a watchman at a crumbling down mining place which he guards as if a national treasure is hidden there. He lives there with his wife Saroj (Saba Joshi). The boss Lakshmichand (Avtar Sahni) comes every Saturday for a visit that includes having sex with Saroj while Bhanu goes to Mcdonalds to get a burger. The routine life of Bhanu and Saroj gets disrupted when a couple drops in at their place begging for help from a masked killer on a bike who is after them.

The film suffers mainly from a boring screenplay and bad acting. Except Dibyendu and Saba the film is filled with actors who ham away to glory making it look like an amateurish student film at times. The people who had come to watch it along with one of the actors from the film could not control their laughter in certain scenes.

The film wastes the talent of Dibyendu (Chunni from Dev D.). Even within the limited scope that she has Saba Joshi shows promise.

The background music and sound design are the only two elements that seem to work well for the film.

Director Sidharth Srinivasan mixes too many elements and ends up creating a hotch potch of a film.

Word of mouth - indie ke naam pe bhindi hai pairon talle

Rating - ** (below average)

Ticket meter - worth 50 bucks.

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