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Peepli Live

Peepli Live

3.5 294 Ratings

Directed by : Anusha Rizvi

Release Date : | Length : 95 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.6/5
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Story of Political bigwigs, high ranking bureaucrats, local henchmen and the ever zealous media descend upon sleepy Peepli to stake their claim.

Peepli Live Credit & Casting

Omkar Das Manikpuri

Peepli Live Box Office

  • Gross: INR 29.29 cr.
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Peepli Live Audience Review

Bitter Truth Showcased with a Touch of Humor

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Once again its proven, Perfectionist IS a synonym for Amir Khan. He has this sharp sense, which is highly visible in all the movies made by him as well as done by him. PEEPLI Live is yet another masterpiece given by Amir Khan to the nation.

Movie is all about real India, which remains undercover for us due to our fast paced life. Actual India still exists in villages located in the backward areas, where a common man does farming to earn his bread n butter. It shows how he has to struggle for almost everything like water, food, work, electricity and even existence. Not only this, Amir Khan and production has more in store for us but with a punch of humor.

Peepli, a small village located in remote areas of our country brings us face to face with what you read above. Its a story about two farmer brothers Natha (Omkar Das) and Budhia (Raghubir Yadav), who are living in miserable conditions .They are in such a plight that they have to mortgage their only land for the treatment of their mother. Their never-ending struggle forces them to come up with an idea, which according to them can solve some of their crisis. One day they come to know that government has started this scheme in which if a farmer suicides because of his debts, his family gets compensation of 1 Lakh. In order get eligible for this scheme, they get into an argument of who is gonna suicide and it was concluded that Natha will be the cobaye.

This event marks the beginning of new set of troubles for Natha. The news spreads like running rampant viral even before it can get executed. Peepli, which was once an unidentified hamlet was all over the news channels with Nathas every bit of life being recorded. In the race of being the first channel to cover the news so as to earn more TRPs journalists encroach straight in his house to record every other thing. How we can we forget about our greedy politicians, who can go to any extent to top-up their vote-banks. Not only reporters and politicians thought about themselves, agricultural ministry was always ready with one statement "We havent got any orders from high-court yet". Every minister was trying to blame the opposition in hunger to win the upcoming elections. One gifted Natha a hand-pump (Lal Bahadur) and other a color television. Just with one decision i.e. to suicide, Natha became a TV star overnight.

Though the story sounds emotional but it has been so smartly screened that without causing any offence or making audience shed any tears, it will convey its message. Its a fun watch and dont forget to look out for Farrukh Jaffer(Nathas mother), who performed her bit brilliantly. Folk tunes as well as compositions by Nazeer Tanvi, Indian Ocean and others worked just right. Its lively and hilarious script deserves a special mention.

In the end, I will say its been refreshing to face the reality with Peepli Live!!!

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