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Directed by : Kabir Khan

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Phantom is based on the aftermath of the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai and India's subsequent plan to counter the enemies.


“Kabir Khan's dose of patriotism and action save the otherwise boring Phantom.”

Phantom Credit & Casting

Saif Ali Khan


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  • Gross: INR 51.45 cr.
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Phantom Audience Review

With good balance of action and emotion, it will be liked by Indian audiences

| by Madan Mohan Marwah |
Rated 3.0 / 5
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This movie is bound to appeal to Indian audiences because it satisfies two great pending emotional requirements

1. Every Indian wants that the masterminds and perpetrators of the 26/11 killings be punished and hung for their crimes.

2. Every Indian would love to see this done in the manner in which the Americans had executed the seek and destroy mission.

So Director Kabir Khan who almost specialises in dealing with terrorism related subjects as obvious from his films like New York and Ek tha tiger comes up with another film with great feeling and enthusiasm.The promotion of the film also speaks of a "story which you wish was true" and to make a point our antagonist Saif Ali Khan pointedly asks " If America can do it ,why can't we ?". So far so good.

So Saif who is an ex Army officer dishonourably discharged from the Indian Army, and leading the life of a recluse is given the task by RAW of executing a covert operation to seek and destroy the planners of 26/11 now living on foreign soil. His team consists of Katrina Kaif and together they manage to complete their task admirably inspite of the usual hiccups in such operations.

The action scenes are believable and exciting with emotional scenes interspersed as per story requirements.Acting of the lead couple fulfills the demand of the scenes, nothing more nothing less.The first half meanders a bit with locations changing fast and I did find a bit of jumble but the action compensated. A couple of emotional scenes are done well

Pakistan bashing is no longer considered correct and cool. In keeping with this, there are no such scenes mercifully. It is good that Director Kabir Khan ties up both nations on an emotional level as was also seen in the recent Bajrangi Bhaijaan. There is a substantial dose of patriotic feelings in some scenes specially in the climax which does move you.

Some splendid photography is seen specially in action scenes. Music helps to make the film a good mainstream Hindi film