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3.3 213 Ratings

Directed by : Girish Dhamija

Release Date : | Length : 100 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Kabir Malhotra, a doctor with a good upbringing and a mind of his own marries Sia. A budding career and a seemingly happy marriage - what more could a man ask for? One day Sia disappears without a word. Disha helps Rajneesh with clues that take him closer to unravel the mystery of his missing wife. But as they dig more and mo...more


“A low budget star-less flick with a pathetic background score and mediocre performances! Avoid watching in theatres.”

Phhir Box Office

  • Gross: INR 2.53 cr.
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Phhir Audience Review

Wasted Opprotunity

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The biggest mystery about Phirr would be the story, that went missing post interval.

Starring one film old actors Rajneesh and Adah, and TV actor Roshni, this film is a thriller about a man and his missing wife. Rajniesh and Roshni are newly and happily married, when one fine day Roshni disappears. The rest of the film is about how Rajniesh, with the help of a psychic played by Adah, finds out what happened to his wife. a promising script that is sadly wasted.

Phirr begins on a promising note, with the story unfolding layer by layer, and manages to engage. Much is not expected from the cast, and hence they do not disappoint to a great extent. Post intermission however, the film falls flat. The story goes into a sluggish zone, with nothing much happening in terms of plot. A set of good performances could have salvaged the film at this point, which doesn't exactly happen here. To add to the dismal pace, is an utterly uninspiring music and background score. The songs are forced, even actors on screen don't look like wanting o mouth those lyrics.

Phirr is a small budget film, and is best tolerated, may be even enjoyed to an extent, on the idiot box. Stay clear of it in the theatres this weekend.

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