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Poster Boys

Poster Boys

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Directed by : Shreyas Talpade

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  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Marking the Bollywood directorial debut of actor Shreyas Talpade, Poster is a comedy film featuring the Deol brothers Sunny and Bobby and with Talpade himself. The film is about these three guys who mistakenly get on the target of some villagers having featured on the poster of a vasectomy campaign.


“This one has enough laughs to guarantee it's a one time watch at least”

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Poster Boys Review

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Poster boys is a solid comic effort from deubtant director Shreyas Talpade. Fact is he has worked in some of our better popcorn comedies in recent years like Golmaal and Housefull , add the fact that he himself is a good comic timing actor has helped him in dishing out a movie which is entertaining enough.

Poster Boys makes you realise that Bobby Deol has a very good talent for comedy. His effort as the small town teacher ,forever dominated by an aggressive wife might come across as heavily Dharmendra in chupke chupke inspired but Bobby Deol leaves his mark in this movie. His shudhdh hindi lines and the small diary in his pocket acts brought the house down.

Shreyas as the toughie collection agent who acts confident but is actually dumb does his job with the casual ease that an actor of his calibre can.

Sunny Deol proves yet again that he remains a superstar who can own the scene anytime that he wants to. His Jagawar Chaudhary effort is good enough to make this movie watchable and the scene where he casually plucks the lock out the grill makes you wonder if this screaming avenger of 90s only needs a good director and one more rocking hit could just be round the corner.

Poster Boys is a tale of three small town characters who are brought together in a comedy of errors because they get their photograph clicked in the same mela from the same photographer.

An unexpected social campaign of nasbandi lands them into big time soup and their near and dear ones also get entangled in unnecessary pain and complications.

The story is about how the three come together and win their battle.

In the process the movie ends up giving you some positive message around gender equality too BUT make no mistake Poster Boy is a laugh riot.

Poster Boy's biggest pull is the earthy presentation of its humour, it does not have Rohit shetty style grand canvas presentation or David Dhawan style of comedy presentation. Yet the comedy moments, the one liners keep coming at you like a barrage of bullets.

The internal chemistry of all the characters and the small subplots like the teacher and his dominating wife, Jagawar and his down to earth partner, Arjun singh and his two bumbling but golden hearted side kicks are all well mixed with the main story plot - actually Shreya Talpade deserves kudos for building a screenplay which is just 130 odd minutes and yet keeps a story which is engrossing enough.Not for once does the movie loses its focus on entertaining the comic way.

If you are looking for decent enough humour entertainment for the weekend Poster Boys is good enough.

Poster Boys , I must confess , is unexpectedly good and probably this will be one of the bigger surprise hits of 2017.

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