Prem Mayee

Prem Mayee

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Directed by : Shekhar S Jha

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Prem Mayee is a story of people in love and the circumstances that push them only to realise the inevitable, that love brings out the best and the worst in us


“Prem Mayee boasts bad acting and confused writing. Give this one a miss.”

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Chandrachur Singh

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  • Gross: INR 0.01 cr.
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Mayee God,

Rated 1.5 / 5

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What does prem mayee mean? I dont know. What was the director trying to say with this film? I really want to know. Wait, i dont want to know.

" sakhi re prem mayee rajni,aankhon mein swapn bani prem mayee rajni". These are some lines from a song which an about to be married woman sings to her two female friends. One is Shreya Narayan studying to join IAS. The other is a proud bad girl Chitrashi Rawat. Shreya is in love with Chandrachur Singh. Yes, he is also a college student. Well, when Aamir Khan can play a college student at this age why cant Chandrachur 'maachis' Singh. Heck, even Manoj Kumar was a college student in Clerk.

The film explores the institution of marriage and relationship in which the director has painted the man black and the woman white thus making it a futile attempt in the first place. Marriage is best explored in the greys (not the 50 shades one).

Halfway into the film i got to know that it is set in Vadodara and by the end of it i couldn't figure out if Chandrachur Singh was more irritating or his character.

There's also Sanjay Suri being dropped into the story mid way that gives rise to a surreal scene in which the he and Shreya land up at a magical looking jharna in the jungle where they spend a night and our heroine does her singing and dancing routine. Wait, forgot to add that they were chasing terrorists just before this scene.

Chandrachur makes a laugh out loud fool of himself whiles Shreya Narayan shatters the lustful image i had of her in saheb biwi aur gangster. The only actor who keeps her sanity intact is Chitrashi Rawat.

Word of mouth - prem mayee is boring, bland and worthy of staying in the cans.

Rating - 1.5 (bad)

Ticket meter - not worth it!