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3.5 90 Ratings

Directed by : Kookie V Gulati

Release Date : | Length : 138 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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One of the savviest thieves in the world commits the biggest heist of his life, wakes up next the morning to realize he has a gunshot wound on his arm that he doesn't remember getting.

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Vivek Oberoi

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  • Gross: INR 19.15 cr.
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In A Royal Mess

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Okay lets get it straight. Prince is a fantastic plot which couldve been enhanced way better & been made truly a action-packed thriller. Sadly, it suffers from weak presentation of the story, very shabby dialogues which from less-inspired get cheesy and then annoying, unnecessary song sequences and terrible performances by the supporting cast wherein passing with distinction is Manish Anand.
A worried Vivek Oberoi wakes up to realize he has lost his memory & doesnt recollect his past (read Main kaun hoon). He is poorly assisted with his butler who adds more confusion leading it absolutely nowhere. Somehow he figures out he has hardly a week left to find who he is, what he is upto and who he is originally answerable to. And then there are the girls. Three of them all claiming to be his love interest/partners/co-workers. Confused ?
Yes, you are meant to be. The plot revolves around a certain gold coin which our hero has stolen very cunningly ( bikes blow up/cars explode) which is worth lotsa money. Now since its worth a fortune, there has to be lotsa bad guys as well. Enter - Sarang ( a certain Isaiah) who promises to revive Princes memory once he hands back the gold coin to him. He is highly dangerous & you dare mess with him hell blow up a chartered aeroplane to kill ya. Now what the hell is the gold coin ? No, its far far far more worth than the current market rates of gold. Its a chip that can extract a persons memory and make him go blank. Hell it can be badly mis-used. Now, agencies (theyve created a fictitious one on the lines of CIA) too badly want the coin for national security they argue. Now imagine, Prince without his memory whatsoever haunted by agencies, wannabe gangsta three hotties who claim to be his maya

Now, it sounds trash altogether but had little sense prevailed in the minds of the makers Prince couldve been a remarkable plot. Weakness lies in songs that appear from nowhere & dialogues which under define the characters intensity makes them sound as if they are in a movie spoof. Moreover, no background of the vital characters makes them look hollow & unsure about themselves. You really wanna feel Prince as a hi-def, Hollywood like, sci-fi mixed, and technology-clad, action-packed adventure but somehow the numbers dont add up due to a good number of reasons. It suffers from a water-mark of a wannabe-action-thriller without any references no character sketching very under average editing, improper-direction. Why randomly one has to add, just before an important sequence ITS SHOWTIME ? or only Indian being spotted at Durban ? Or how do you justify a very poor screenplay on the verge of being hilarious? Now just because he is a pro-thief, he doesnt have to take out the glares in an odd-fashion. The chicks wear leather jackets whereas the utter-pathetic goon Sarang wears a shabbily cheap jacket with a hairstyle matching to that of a Nagpada petty thief. To add to his woes a background goes ( Saa Rang, Saa Rang ) as if the man wasnt himself enough to emit a terror-like attitude.

The ladies do antiques of their own. The climax goes hay-wire with gold coin shifting hands & landing on the ground, Prince getting kidnapped, goondas themselves getting betrayed and to top it all a top-notch official from a govt agency turning into a baddie.
Sum it up all. Action sequences are appreciatable (Allan Amin), but Indian directors cannot put enough sense in a action film, it tends to go mindless. Vivek Oberoi is the talent, he delivers a very convincing performance. Out of the three girls, Neeru Singh the most believable, Nandana Sen is descent whereas the leading lady Aruna Shields - as it can be said is a complete debacle with acting skills going southwards with each passing dialogue. The surprise shock of the lot is Dalip Bahl who, probably for the first time doesnt live up reason not being him but the lazy character work. Manish Anand as Mike is so bad he may provoke you to walk out or exclaim in utter shock that the producers actually put him in. There goes the main problem why such a meager casting? Simply why?

Editing is unimpressive.Cinematography (Vishnu Rao) is strong and the only right thing after the leading hero. Sanjay Kapoor does justice while the two gangstas Isaiah & Rajesh Khattar are just plain. Mayur Puri as the butler cum accomplice is horrible in his comic timings or whenever he is simply being there you stare and feel like throwing popcorn at him. Director Kookie Gulati doesnt introduce anything terrific but just manages to cope up. Prince is a potential waste of a large investment due to utter carelessness and a messed up story-line. The sidey characters add up to the frustration. Some may enjoy the action but you so feel sorry for this film. Some films are a complete disaster (read Blue) while some are exceptional in their genre (read Dhoom 2), but there are films which couldve been improvised, so much that may have even matched international standards. Prince is one of them. High production costs, fancy bikes, bikini-babes none of them lures you in the trap, rent out a DVD of MI3/ Die Hard 4.0 to get a real taste

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