Purani Jeans

Purani Jeans

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Directed by : Tanushri Chattrji Bassu

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  • Critics Rating 0.5/5
  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Purani Jeans is a coming of age drama about a summer where Sidharth, his best friend Sam & their gang of friends rediscover bonds of friendship and love. A summer when everything changes for the group a summer when he, Sam & his friends experienced the agony & ecstasy of growing up while dealing with problems of d...more


“Purani Jeans tries to be a fresh breezy film for the youth but is a stale concoction of a soulless romance, sexist ideas and shoddily written characters. These jeans are faded and uncomfortable, don't wear them!”

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Tanuj Virwani

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  • Gross: INR 1.18 cr.
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The Worst film of the year is here

| by Ameet Bhuvan |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Sometimes watching a bad film is not that bad an experience, the ones that get classified as "so bad that it is good" are actually entertaining in a sense unintended by the makers. Sadly, Purani Jeans is not one such flick. In fact, it can easily take over Yaariyaan as the worst film of the year. Whats worse is that while the latter made money, this cant even get past muster the first day. 


There's a gang of friends who are desperate to be "yo and Hep" in a place that is distinctly small town. There is a summer that changes it all for them. They go their separate ways and we are subjected to pregnancies, ditching boyfriends broken hearts and coming of age mumbo jumbo in the lamest of lame ways. A story line this bad can only be saved by a decent screenplay and acting. Neither of the two are this films strength either. 


The friends call themselves Cowboys of Kasauli, teasing and ragging blondes is justified since boys will be boys, everyone speaks a weird punjabi and nepalis are the only other working class in their world- everything about the staging here is wrong. The story line is sexist, insulting at times to women, consdiering this is directed by a lady it was quite a surprise, no make that shock, to see pregnancy and running away from it being made into a school debate that one backed out from at the last minute. 


Then there is the attrocious acting on display. Rati Agnihotri's son , who debuted in L:ove u soniyo, actually got a second chance at acting only to bungle it worse than the first time. Isabelle ( or the fair white stick in lovely clothes) has not one muscle on her face that can move, years of modelling must have been the reason. The third guy, cant even bother to remember his name, is well , lets just say the SRK of this enterprise, more cause of the relativity with the others. Everything about the film, from songs, to acting to production values, come across as wannabe desperate. One wishes there was more soul put into the exercise for us to even remotely connect with anyone on the screen. 


A coming of age teenage story could be so many things. At the least it could have been a cute inane love story like ishq vishq. Sadly, all that Purani jeans is a big pain and test of patience. Stay far far away from this one.

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