Qaidi Band

Qaidi Band

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Directed by : Habib Faisal

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Set in a jail with seven prisoners at its center, Qaidi Band is a musical drama film directed by Habib Faisal. Starring debutantes Aadar Jain and Anya Singh, the film takes us through the journey of those prisoners who perform as a musical band in the hopes of getting acquitted. The film is produced under the Yashraj banner.


“If it didn't indulge itself in preach, it wouldn't have been a prison like experience. ”

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Aadar Jain


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The undertrials deserve their due.

| by Dev Raj Gulati |
Rated 3.0 / 5
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While Qaidi Band may be no Do Aankhen Barah Haath,yet it deserves applaud for raising a social issue- why do undertrials languish in jails when bail is the rule?
Here we have seven youths ( among many others) who are undertrials for offences they may have / may not have commited at all.But because of not being able to arrange for surities ,they have to remain in the four walls of a prison.This 'group of 7' proxies for both genders,different backgrounds,different faiths,different regions,different nations etc.Acting on the promption of a politician ,the jailor is required to arrange for a band of the qaidis who would perform in the I Day function.Why a band? Instructions followed.Success acheived.But freedom NO.
Unable to get bail ,the prisoners plan to escape.Do they succeed? Are their voices heard? Go see for your self.
What one liked about QB? The issue of undertrials is blemish in the already corrupt,lengthy,uncertain and uneven trial system in our country.This needs to be looked into on a priority bases and not given a lyp service.The entire cast has performed well despite all being new comers.None appear camera shy.The impression gained is that they have a theatre background.They ooze confidence and have bright futures.Aadar Jain ( as Sanju) can't be accused of nepotism,Anya Singh( as Bindu),Prince Parvinder Singh( as Maskeen),Cyndy Khijol ( as the Naga girl),Peter Muxxa( the African guy),Anna Adorable ( the Belarussian girl) and Mikhail Yawalkar( the strategist) form the talented ' group of 7'.Habib Faisal's scripting and direction is good.Sachin Pilgaonkar ( in the negative role of the jailor Dhulia) is first of a kind.Ram Kapoor's cameo as the lawyer is inspiring.The compositions are in tune with the theme and may appeal to the youth.High production value.
Then where's the flaw? May be the cast consists of all new comers? May be it needed an Akshay Kumar to promote it? May be the viewers are not concerned with social and legal issues of juducial functioning? May be QB is not marketed well?
Definitely QB is a different kind of relevant cinema to be watched by one and all.