Qarib Qarib Single

Qarib Qarib Single

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Directed by : Tanuja Chandra

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Starring Irrfan Khan as Yogi and Parvathy as Jaya, Qarib Qarib Single takes us through a journey that these two take in order retrace love and past relationships. Travelling through different parts of the country, both Jaya and Yogi come across different shades of life and several emotions. Where does their journey finally le...more

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Jab extrovert, cheeky Irrfan met confused, hyperactive Parvathy in this average road movie

| by Madan Mohan Marwah |
Rated 3.5 / 5
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We are in a new phase as far as Hindi films are concerned. Films have been made on bold and hitherto considered taboo subjects. The plots are more down to earth and realistic. The main characters are not always pretty looking teenagers in a love story.
 Like in the case of this film the hero Irrfan is single and around 40 while  the heroine Parvathy is a 30 plus widow.
The story line has them go through a road trip covering Rishikesh,Jaipur, Alwar and far away Gangtok. They have come together courtesy a dating site but they find that behaviour and attitude wise they are opposites. Irrfan is a extrovert, loudmouth,
cheeky and almost obnoxious at times while Parvathy is of subdued and sober demeanour. Parvathy keeps regretting her decision to accompany  Irrfan on this cross country tour because of their different life styles but the exciting incidents in the journey keep her with him. Their love hate relationship continues through continuous banter and bickering as they move from place to place on this site seeing trip. Irrfan comes across his much discussed three girl friends who bring out the poet in him. Also she meets her boyfriend in Gangtok much to the surprise of Irrfan. Like all good love stories the movie has a happy ending when both realise they have a soft corner for each other. In the last symbolic scene Parvathy drinks from his water bottle though all the time she had refused to share water bottles.
Director Tanuja Chandra has no doubt made a nice film but her treatment of the characters and narrative in inconsistent with the result that the later half of the film takes off at a tangent specially with reference to Parvathy's character. The film also drags at those places.
Acting wise Irrfan sails through the film with his effortless performance. He could have made things outstanding with better dialogue. Parvathy acts well as the hyperactive, confused and harassed lady obsessed with self doubt while falling in line with Irrfan all the time helplessly.
All told not a great film but makes for passable entertainment.