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Directed by : Prakash Jha

Release Date : | Length : 163 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.3/5
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Story of Indian Democracy, where a political family fights with each other for ultimate power.

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Ajay Devgn

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  • Gross: INR 92.38 cr.
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Smart & Intelligent

Rated 4.5 / 5
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Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Katrina Kaif, Nana Patekar, Manoj Bajpayee & Naseeruddin Shah..phew...Prakash Jha must have been out of his mind to even think of getting this ensemble cast together in one movie! That was my initial thought. How is he going to manage to ensure that none of these stars come across as 'eye-candy' or 'to pull in the masses'. But that statement stands corrected! In today's time, when we have to be content with either houses being full, people proclaiming their surnames as a mission statement or movies named after flying objects, comes a movie, which is relies not on Pritam to lure the crowds in, or the 'package' or the marketing by the corporate honchos! Javed Akhtar had said in a film awards function this year, that there is no dearth of good stories in today's times, we just need to give the writers a chance! This venture is exactly that. It is a complete motion picture experience, where the story is KING!
The film seamlessly weaves two of the greatest stories ever told - 'The Mahabharat' & 'The Godfather'.
The film is based in the Hindi heartlands of the country, with politics as the backdrop for the story of the warring cousins - Kauravas & Pandavas. Where Jha has excelled is that he has picked actors and stars and transformed the stars into actors!
Prithviraj Pratap (Arjun Rampal) is the heir apparent to a powerful political family. He is brash, loud and loved by the people. His only objective is to lead the party into the future in today's everchanging world of politics. His cousin, Veerendra Pratap (Manoj Bajpayee) considers it his own birthright to lead the clan. How the clash of egos of these two political heavyweights leads to the chain of events is what RAAJNEETI is all about. Veerendra using the local Dalit leader, Suraj Kumar (Ajay Devgn) to increase his vote base and the situations that lead to the family recluse, Samar Pratap (Ranbir Kapoor) to join mainstream politics and become a master of the game, using friends, family, love, Indu (Katrina Kaif) just to achieve a single aim is what this epic saga is about.
Manoj Bajpayee, gives his best performance till date. An excellent comeback vehicle for the actor who floored us with his acidic Bhiku Mhatre or classy Maharaja Vijayendra Singh in Zubeida. His dialogue ' Kararaa Jawab Milenga' is sure to become a cult dialogue in the coming times.
Arjun Rampal again proves that if given a meaty charater, he is going to 'rock'!. As the crude, violent, impulsive leader, he has the maximum screen time and delivers a volcanic performance. Truly, whoever said models couldn't act, have not seen Arjun Rampal.
Katrina Kaif delivers a decent performance and her transformation from the bubbly girl to the CM has been very deftly handled. This role might not get her the national award as publicised earlier, but is sure to leave a mark for future possibilities.
Nana Patekar excels in his role of Brij Gopal, the mentor of the Pandavas. Only an actor of his calibre can deliver such dialogues with such ease.
Ajay Devgn goes to prove that he is a director's actor. One sorely misses the fact that his character does not get to mouth any fiery dialogues or has very little to do in terms of individual characterisation. As 'Karna' he is left merely as 'Duryodhan's' side kick. But it goes to show how comfortable as an actor he is, that he plays his role effortlessly and leaves you wanting for more. I feel he could have easily swapped with Bajpayee and still won the show! But that goes to prove his belief in Jha and his vision as a director!
Naseeruddin Shah in a cameo is good. Kiran Karmakar, Chetan Pandit, Dayashankar Pandey, Shruti Sheth deliver good performances.
But the show belongs to Ranbir Kapoor. As Arjun/ Michael Corleone he is first rate. Ranbir is blessed with not only good looks, lineage and opportunity but also talent.Just like Amitabh Bachchan in the 70s, Shahrukh Khan in the 90s, he is getting roles which in their diversity are bringing out the actor in him. He is not only a star but a ROCK STAR! His metamorphisis from the soft spoken 'outsider' to the master strategist is the piece de resistance of the movie.
The cinematography is excellent, not easy to get 4-5 actors in 1 frame at any given point in the movie. The screenplay is solid, the editing tight and dialogues powerful. Jha has done an excellent job in making this movie. He know what he expects from his actors and gets it from them. He is in such good control, that even the hot selling music, only comes as in the background sparingly. The background score is excellent, like in all Jha films by Wayne Sharp. His Hitchockian cameo is not be missed.

The only thing missing for me is the famous 'Karna V/s Arjun' episode. Wish there could have been atleast 1 or 2 such scenes. It would have taken the film a couple of notches higher!
Will rate this movie 9/10.

When you ask, does this film have the 'Y' factor - The answer is a resounding YES! Do yourself a favour, GO WATCH RAAJNEETI.


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