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The film is a spy thriller set during the Indo-Pak conflict of 1971 which resulted in a war. Alia Bhatt stars as Sehmat who is sent as a spy for India in Pakistan. She gets married to Vicky Kaushal who plays a Pakistani Army officer named Iqbal. She is soon torn between her duties as a wife and a spy.


“Meghna Gulzar spreads her magic again in this taut spy thriller”

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Imagine days of 1971. A country like Pakistan. Which does not have cable TV. Nor the distraction of smartphone and internet. The family is joint plus has at least half a dozen servants in the home. Now the bahu walks into the house and she cries with screams which has quality of putting Vikram Bhatt’s creature or Sanjeev Kumar of Jaani Dushman to shame. No one hears her. No one has a doubt.
A man who is the son of a freedom fighter and has been a spy all his life marries his daughter to a army general/major/brigadier whatever ( because his designation keeps changing in the movie) with the sole objective of getting inside information. The daughter knows the objective of this marriage and we are treated to a proper tear jerker vidai song. Now I can understand you playing a song where the father is worried about his daughter’s safety. The daughter has got into the marriage post becoming so capable that she can shoot and throw anyone upside down who so much as touches her shoulder. Yet the director , a thinking intellectual director , treats us to a Viday song. Then we make fun of Sooraj Barjatya. Why ? at least he is honest that he makes feel good cinema . I mean a trained spy has a vidai song in mind while leaving.
Since the producer is Karan Johar people love to cry in this movie. The army brigadier cries because there are traitors in the army. Sehmat cries after every murder. She is cold blooded enough to plan a untraceable heart attack but she cries once the man is dead. She tells her trainer that mulk kea age mujhe kuch nahi dikhta yet she cries. At least Nargis in mother India cries after shooting Birju not before . In fact before the moment she very sternly warns Birju whats gonna hit him. Sehmat , a well trained spy, cries before killing and after killing. The husband also cries before taking Sehmat to task or at least trying to do that. You almost dread that in the climax the entire Pakistan army will sing kabhi alvida na kehna to Sehmat and cry.
Now I am the last one to judge cinema on logic. I love logicless cinema. My favourite cinema is the Rawdy Rathore kind. The point is the directors of these movies do not position themselves as intellectual makers either.
Sehmat is again screaming and crying once she has reached her trainer is on the way back to her country. She screams and asks her trainer why was she not treated fairly , I want tell you what her grudge is because if you are one of those blessed one who have not gone through this movie you might call it a spoiler. However every average spy knows of this unfairness the moment he or she steps on enemy territory yet the director tries to make this the climax moving scene.
Raazi is neither a out an out Naam Shabana style thriller and am actually insulting Naam Shabana by bringing it here that was an honest thriller. Raazi is also not a mohabbat ka paigam style movie from Karan Johar. It does not even have a start to end story point. The only story point is how due to Sehmat men of the family keep getting bumped off. Had this one been twenty more minutes long the womenfolk would have got wiped off too and three more howl and cry scenes of Aalia would have got added.
Long ago there was a superhit movie which a lady friend saw four times and ask/pushed me to watch it . I sat through that three hour long you cry me cry we cry style movie. Won’t name the movie. I do not wish to earn more enemies than I will earn post this article. I went back to her and asked her what did she like about the movie. She said “kitnee pyaari film hai main saari film main rotee rahi” . Guess that explains the almost 100 crores that Raazi has made. We Indians love crying.
Thank god Karan Johar and Meghna Gulzar do not make James Bond movies. They will become double the length cause bond would cry after every murder. Each time his new girlfriend would leave there would be a vidai song and in the end you would see him sitting alone on a kind of wheelchair depressed and needing medical attention. Arrgh .