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Ragini MMS 2

Ragini MMS 2

2.9 16,339 Ratings

Directed by : Bhushan Patel

Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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A young enthusiastic crew and an over-the-top film director, visit a farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai, to make an erotica-horror! The director casts Sunny Leone, the famous adult film entertainer as his lead to play Ragini. They decide to shoot in an actual haunted location… that leads to creepy & menacing happenings.


“Ragini MMS 2 is an entertaining mix of horror and sexy but if you're looking for original spooks, you might get disappointed. Watch it for Sunny Leone, if you must.”

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Sunny Leone

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  • Gross: INR 46.57 cr.
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Ragini MMS 2 Audience Review

Peetal Ki Gagri

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Nikhil Arora (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I didn't think I would be saying this but Ragini MMS 2 is mostly entertaining. It's not good, it's just not boring. It stumbles near the end but for the most part, it is what you call a paisa vasool entertainer. It delivers what it promises - horror and sex. This blend sells tickets and garners screams and whistles. Ekta Kapoor and director Bhushan Patel work the audience. For me, that isn't enough. I want something more (pun intended?), or something else. For naysayers like me, it also offers tongue-in-cheek comedy, catchy songs (Hello, Babydoll) and a plot, which isn't half bad. The story isn't original and no, this isn't high quality cinema but it's the cinematic equivalent of a cheap pulpy novel.

Trust me, I went in almost certain of the fact that I won't like this film. Apart from the fact that the first film didn't knock my socks off, I'm not a fan of Sunny Leone because I like actors to be actors. But then the film has an interesting take on this. It is about a film crew making a film on the Ragini MMS incident. Sunny Leone plays Sunny Leone and doesn't think she's right for the part either. I said the filmmakers cater to the audience. This is how they do it.

They also cast some good actors. Divya Dutta, Parvin Dabas and Sandhya Mridul are interesting casting choices. Sandhya Mridul takes the cake and gets some hilarious lines. She plays a struggler who you would find in Lokhandwala and speaks in the best form of English. Pliss okay, it's not so worst ya. Thenks. I hoped for a cameo by Rajkummar Rao but we get one by the comedian Tanmay Bhat instead.

Dabas plays the director of the film within the film, called "Rocks" who calls Sunny "Gorgeousness" and "Babyness". There is a scene where Leone fakes an orgasm and the audience loses their minds. You get what kind of movie this is, right? But wait, it's not just about sex and kink. Miss Leone likes to read books and scripts and falls for the scriptwriter. (Ooh, so intelligent). Don't judge a book by its cover, they say. Saahil Prem, is Satya, the scribe and the voice of truth. Dutta plays a doctor, the voice of reason. She picks her clients carefully. Those that can't just be explained by science. She uncovers a flashback for us. Who possessed Ragini and why? The witch from the first film informed us in Marathi that she isn't a witch and that she loves her children. Now we see the backstory.

This is the kind of horror that you get in Zee Horror Show. There is also a perpetual background reminder in a spooky sing-songy manner going all "Raginiiiii". (For those who missed the title of the film, I guess). There are jump scares all over. Some effective and some are lifted from foreign horror films. The climax is a bit of a letdown where you see a blatant rip-off of The Conjuring (2013).

The best part of both the films still remains the opening credits sequence, which has the Hanuman Chalisa on the soundtrack. In this film, there is also an amusing disclaimer, which says something about women kissing being illegal. (Lolwhut?)

I would recommend watching Ragini MMS 2 if you are expecting an unpretentious entertainer. If you want anything apart from that, it's better to stay away. I'm a fan of horror films and hence, Ragini MMS 2 is almost a guilty pleasure. No, not that kind of pleasure, but you know what I mean.

You pick up a cheap pulpy novel because you know what it offers. It looks like a fun read and you won't have to worry about giving it too much attention and won't fall asleep midway. You definitely won't get bored and can't put it down. It's not something you will tell people to read but you won't tell people otherwise either. In fact, you won't admit you enjoyed it. If Ragini MMS 2 admitted what it was trying to be and went the distance in being a self-reflective horror film, I would admit to liking it. It needed to be like the Scream films than Evil Dead. It definitely needed a better ending. But for what it's worth, this film isn't as bad as it could have been. Yes, it's not a horror film. Yes, it's not what you call a good movie, but it won't bore you for a minute. This is not sona, but it's pittal and pittal is not that bad.