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Based on one of the most talked about raids in India, Raid is a one of its kind drama directed by Rajkumar Gupta. Starring Ajay Devgn in the lead, the film traces the acts of an honest income tax officer who takes on the challenge to raid an influential and powerful man in the system despite all odds. While Ajay plays the ho...more


“Raid has enough intensity to grip you in its narrative. ‘Warrants’ a watch”

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| by Rahul Bharadwaj |
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If Bollywood can give us one movie like Raid every year, then the trips to the theatre will become worth it even if you have to go through 50 screenplay less mundane movies. Raid has come out with least publicity for a Devgn movie. Let me tell you this is probably his best screen effort as well as a good story in the last five years of all the movies that he has starred in.

The movie shows us what our tax officers go through when they actually try to do their job honestly. They literally have to put their hand through dung and even risk their lives in the most scary circumstances. Yet as we are told they are the ones who have kept our economy intact.

Raid is centered around a story where an honest officer mounts an audacious Tax evasion detetction Raid on a corrupt and powerful local member of parliament Rameshwar singh. The movie is about the epic tussle of good vs bad. Some great screen moments particularly the one where the officers move out on a Raid and the team of officers itself does not know where they are headed to.

The movie has great moments of tussle between Rameshwar and Ajay Devgn’s Patnaik. Saurabh Shukla as Rameshwar has practically enjoyed his role and you can see it. The way he changes from moods of anger to comedy to whispering dark vengefulness is an indicator of how we have ignored this under rated thespian.

Raid has an array of characters like initially corrupt but then turned good tax office Lallan Singh. Rameshwar’s ageing mother. Ranmeshwar’s dauther in law Tara and Ileana in a short but well defined role as Patnaik’s wife.

The biggest hero in this movie is yet again the screenplay, a movie which could have become a boring stretching story of a raid of 72 hours is kept alive because the director never really lets the screenplay go out of twists and turns and epic subtle moments of comedy , like the one where Rameshwar shoots the roof accidentally and gold starts falling. The opening sequence of a Raid being initiated and tax evaders team trying to track which way the team is going are some such moments.

Ajay Devgn as usual is good but to add this man is going a notch up with every passing movie. Guess 50 is the new 20 for our actors from the 1990s.

If you love good old fast paced cinema with well defined characters and sharp dialogues then let me tell you Raid will quench your cinematic thirst like none else in some time of recent Bollywood.

Solid 4.5 star for this one.