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Directed by : Vishwas Patil

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Primarily a love story, it also looks into the issue of the mujra houses that are dying a slow death in today's competitive world of high rises and corruption. There was a time when areas like Mumbai Central and Nagpada were known for kothewallis and their kothas. Slowly and steadily they are all disappearing in the midst of ...more


“Rajjo has a patchy story with an outdated treatment and weak performances. Skip it.”

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Kangana Ranaut

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  • Gross: INR 1.71 cr.
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Ek Campa Cola Hi Nahi Tanha Builder Mafia Ke Sitam Se Ruswa. Mumbai Sheher Me Hazaro

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Rajjo was supposed to be a breath of fresh air but for a while it refused to rebel from the Baaghi model. Opening shot acknowledges all the stereotypes when it comes to where the dancing girls live, camera swoops on sweeping generalizations. Bleating bakri, bilakti kanyia, bursting jawani. Back home where the angel of the hearth presides is a stern dad keeping an eye on Baaghi's Salman Khan playing Saurav Ganguly shots.

Young Ganguly sorry Godbole goes to a college where a teacher's lecture text seems more subversive than anything he may learn from the kothewali Rajjo. Shahjehan met Mumtaz where? he asks one morning. Napolean's Josephine was a cougar , Professor ji teaches his class the next day.

Meanwhile in Grant Road young Rajjo was sold over a flat,and the builder mafia is now eyeing her new home. And then someone helpfully translates Zan Zameen as Land and Lady. There is also a bisexual Lala who changes lovers faster than it takes Tehreek e Taleban to decide whether it is in or out of talks with the government.

I am tiring of movies which continue to toe the " India lives in villages" line, and when Rajjo and lover decide to run away and teach young adivasis in the hinterland I was ready to get up. Rajjo bani Julie Andrews. And what is it with goons chasing a hapless dancer to dance in a dance bar in a city that follows time and tide wait for no girl and bus. One girl goes another will come, miss a bus there is another on the way "It is interval time and nary a lick a diamond, heera chatna. What kind of kotha movie is this?"I complain. Someone hopefully says perhaps they are saving it for the last dance. But no, that is some Kaleja haazir khanjar kahan organ donation anthem.

And so we wait, and wait for the Grand Finale and whether Jaya Prada recognizes a kindred spirit or at least her Sargam outfit.

This "white horse/white car will come and rescue us all " saviour syndrome is killing me now.

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