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R... Rajkumar

R... Rajkumar

3.5 8,946 Ratings

Directed by : Prabhu Deva

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  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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R Rajkumar – a romantic action love story set in dusty backdrop of the Hindi Heartland. Rajkumar - a rugged, rebellious, passionate fighter who also has a devilish charm. One moment he makes you feel really comfortable and the very next, completely ill at ease! Rajkumar is sexy, brooding and raw. Chanda – a gorgeous, strong c...more


“R... Rajkumar is a 'gandi' film. It's a predictable masala movie with nothing new to offer. A recommended miss, even for the Prabhu Deva fans. ”

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Shahid Kapoor


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  • Gross: INR 65.99 cr.
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R... Rajkumar Audience Review

Truth in Advertising...GANDI BAAT

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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What do you say about a movie that makes you homesick about the other Crown Prince..as in David Dhawan's RAJA BABU..those were misogynistic days yes, but we knew the jokes (and the jokers) were on screen and not on us.

Here we have a movie which makes stalking, refering to women as candy you may like to give some tongue action to, scenes that have men behaving badly with women , as the "guaranteed" side order...something that WILL come up as a certain when you sign up for the main fare,. This is what I found disturbing...sexual violence is not something that the film builds up to as something foreboding, it becomes part of the scenery.."What should my character be doing while the other two in the scene are having a conversation, or when Im crossing the scene/and or stage" " Meh, just force yourself on some female".

So what do you say about a terrible film like this?

What do you say about a movie that has Sonakshi Sinha typecast again as the women who continues to rush where much more foolish people fear to tread. once more making gooey eyes at the Young Turk who just happens to be the Don's henchman and then quicjkly throwing herself in the path (or pool of water in this case) of the most evil prson in the Tri (Northern Indian) State Area. Akshaye Kumar earlier Sonu Sood now. What do you say about a seriously disturbed set up as this?

What do you say about a film that reads masculinty wrong, forget about having positive articulations of being male today...what do you say about a film that has you itching to run and get the film maker and senior actors to sit down for a gender awareness training so they dont warp more minds throught their problematic dialogues.

What do you say about a woman who is suppposed to be the bright spark adopting causes and the "little person", who is forever speaking for Truth and giving it back to the problematic characters who plague her day...and but when she falls in love is passive, sulking in a corner , waiting for death or The Real Love to rescue her? What do you say about a young woman who will will look on morosely, never raising her hand to help the alleged "love of her life" only promising the villain that she will use her hands to disrobe herself , offering herself as the sacirificial virgin if he is The Man Who Will Relnquish the Other.

What do you say about a film that has Sood and Shahid Kapoor, being their brilliant selves, only that it is in a film that is a turd? Sood and Kapoor have terrific timing, they get the sliminess right...but you are so busy feelig sad about What A Good Boy Like Sood (and Kapoor) Is Doing In An Unsavoury Production like this and also fearing what is next if certain directors and film makers dont wake up and sign them up (Indira Kumar and Territory Masti?) that you never get around to relaxing in your seat and watch Shahid and Sood have some fun with their role.

what would I say?

In the words of the film.


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