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Riyasat is a story about the much loved Sahab who has ruled for many years and has established his kingdom. People look up to him for everything. He has truly been the Godfather for the people of city. But then, few people enter the city with malicious intent which Sahab is aware of. Obviously, Sahab protects his kingdom from...more

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Rajesh Khanna


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Riyasat Audience Review

A sad and dismal memorial to the great legend

Rated 0.5 / 5

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I had some really fond memories of the great superstar Rajesh Khanna and then - I saw Riyasat. Director Ashok Tyagi just forces this unbearable movie upon the audience. There is not much to talk about and frankly, even I don't wish to.

Riyasat is a dreadful adaptation of The Godfather - the Mario Puzo's classic. The story is about Sahab (Rajesh Khanna), a don who rules the underworld and is the savior of the poor and how he encounters his enemies who are after his life and saves his empire.

It's a poorly made film with a terrible screenplay, a horrible cinematography and an awful editing. The movie never ends. It is pathetically slow and dull and watching it till the very end is a torcher. The screenwriting is nothing new and used the old typical and cliched dialogues.

If you were thinking to go and see the legend perform the last time, I would recommend you not to. Rajesh Khanna looks tired and weak. There is a lack of conviction from the maestro and the dialogue delivery is not at all effortless. He looks really ill and not someone to be feared. Other actors like Raza Murad and Aryan Vaid are also unsatisfactory.

In all, Riyasat is not worth it and should definitely be skipped and be forgotten.

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