Rocky Handsome

Rocky Handsome

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Directed by : Nishikant Kamat

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  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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A vengeful man (John Abraham) embarks on a murderous rampage after the kidnapping of a 7-year-old girl.


“John goes one step ahead as an action hero, Handsome enough? Oh yes.”

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John Abraham


Rocky Handsome Audience Review

Drab, pretentious attempt at an action thriller!

Rated 2.0 / 5

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As someone who teaches English for a living, I often use John Abraham as a classic example of words like insouciant, stoic, etc. He is not deliberately stoic, per se. John Abraham is the quintessential ham, the drop-dead gorgeous model who cannot make his facial muscles move an inch even if all hell broke loose. He has beefed up further in this movie, pulled out some stylish martial art moves dressed in cool looking blazers and has shown he can run even with all those extra pounds of muscle. However, the movie misses its soul, no matter how hard it tries.

Kabir Ahlawat (that name is cliche now) is a secret agent now living a quiet life, almost like a recluse. The movie starts with a 'oh such a lovely couple' song and you know Shruti Haasan, playing John's wife is looking cute because it is a cameo and her character dies. No suspense there. But, Kabir gets dragged intothe affairs of the organ transplant and drug mafia thanks to a small kid befriending him in his apartment complex. For her sake, he turns Goa inside out, even as a bunch of angry Narcotics cops in Goa are in hot pursuit of him.

Rocky Handsome tries to recreate the Man on Fire magic but fails brilliantly. With an inspired-from-Korean-movies gloomy look, the movie throws at us a bunch of bad men who try to act like psychopaths but are neither funny nor chilling, just ridiculous. The movie ends a little too conveniently with John aka Kabir pulling down the entire organisation all on his own and the cliched cops arriving in the end to enjoy the spoils. The emotional connect is as abundant as sugar in sugarless tea and the movie never involves you as the audience as you sit and watch one silly scene after another, meaningless in its violence and gaudy in its show of emotions.

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