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Directed by : Atanu Mukherjee

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Starring the likes of Manoj Bajpai, Kumud Mishra and Smita Tambe, Rukh is a drama produced by Drishyam films


“Rukh evokes enough emotions through its lifelike cinematic portrayal!”

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Kumud Mishra


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A slow thriller

| by Dev Raj Gulati |
Rated 4.0 / 5
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Rukh is a rare movie where no scene is above 30 seconds and none has even smiled.With a run time of around 100 minutes ,200 scenes have been edited to showcase a thriller which grows on the viewer till the near end.
What's the plot? Robin ( Kumud Mishra) and Diwakar Mathur ( Manoj Bajpai) are business partners in a leather manufacturing factory.The outfit has fallen into debts.Is it because of a slump in the business or the ulterior design of Robin? A CBI enquity is on against the outfit,the eye of suspicion is against Robin.The workers are restive against the owners for their plight.Diwakar being honest has taken a huge loan to tide over the crises on the assurance that Robin would repay the same in due course.
Meanwhile Diwakar is shown to have been killed in a car accident.Is it a case of hit and run? is it because of drink driving ? or else? Go see for your self.
Dhruv Mathur ( Adarsh Gourav),the boarding school son of Diwakar has returned to unravel the mystery .Does he succeed? Why is her office going mother Nandini( Smita Tambe) unconcerned?
The mystery is revealed in the climax.
The characterisations: Robin is cunning.Diwakar is too honest.Dhruv suspects Robin.But is it so? Several characters are shown,some could also be ' suspects' in the ' crime'.Nandini is quite for she alone knows the truth.
Performances: All are natural and tops.
Direction:Atanu Mukherjee would go miles.
Editing : Mystery is maintained till the end.
Kya Scene Hai- when Robin visits the house of the accountant Jayant( Shubhrajyoti Barat) to warn him to keep mum during the CBI enquiry; when Robin and Diwakar are at the beach to confide in one another;when Dhruv confronts the truck driver with a toy pistol .
General observations - bullying and intimidation does take place in schools,the drop out rate among senior students and their inclination towards crime,bribe being discreetly offered to traffic cops,innovative ways in which insurance policies get used.
All in all Rukh is a worthwhile watch for the discerning viewers.