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Directed by : Atanu Mukherjee

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Starring the likes of Manoj Bajpai, Kumud Mishra and Smita Tambe, Rukh is a drama produced by Drishyam films


“Rukh evokes enough emotions through its lifelike cinematic portrayal!”

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Rated 4.0 / 5
by Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Suddenly at the fag end of 2017 , Bollywood is making up for a dull year. Rukh has come out of nowhere but if you love cinema of mature emotions presented in the right subtle manner you will absolutely love Rukh. Story of a young boy who becomes a man when thrown one of the biggest challenges any teenager can face - the demise of the strongest pillar of his family , his father ! Rukh is a story of hope and how human strength will ultimately always triumph over odds.

A young rebellious boy is suddenly called back to his home when his father dies in a suspicious car accident. The boy Dhruv has his own inner demons and the new situation adds to his own turmoil. How the boy hangs in there with grit and pursues a truth which is far darker than he could have ever imagined. However once the truth is broken to him he emerges even stronger.

The last scene where he walks up to own up for a situation which is not necessarily totally his doing is stuff of subtle strong cinema. Dear Atanu Mukherjee take a bow!

Rukh is the story of humans who faced with challenges take their own different paths. Therefore the title is probably not just an indicator of the rukh (attitude) of one individual Dhruv. It is how certain others like Diwakar (played by Manoj Vajpayi) his friend Robin (Kumud Mishra) and his mother Nandini (Smita Tambe) face up to those unfair or fair challenges and chose their own path. Father takes a decision which might not be digestible for some but probably the best way out. The friend is a typical dark guy with a predictable behaviour with shades of grey. The mother chooses the path of being a stoic and moving on.

Rukh is one of the better made intellectual movie which deserves all the awards that are coming its way. May I say the first movie of 2017 which deserves the tag of intellectual cinema totally.

A mention of Rukh cannot be complete without mentioning the great effort of some its other lead characters. Manoj Vajpayi is very competent as the trapped in situations beyond his control Diwakar. Kumud Mishra as Robin does his job of the dark guy with remarkable efficiency. Smita Tambe as Nandini is pure gold performance most of the times she emotes with eyes as the trapped wife and she is so brilliant - probably the show stopper performance of the film is Nandini. A woman whose stoic attitude is misunderstood by us in the audience as spinelessness only to realise that she was actually the bravest of all four characters. She actually walks away with your respect as a character.

Adarsh Gourav can be labelled as the find of 2017. His one dimensional dark role in Mom was good but his delivering of the brooding Dhruv who chooses the right path over darkness is stuff of legends , he is very young and given the right director this young man is the next big thing. Remember you read it here first.

Do not miss Rukh , Bollywood is in big time creative mode with this one.

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