Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Sachin: A Billion Dreams

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Directed by : James Erskine

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Sachin A Billion Dreams is a biographical presentation of India's most distinguished cricketer Sachin Tendulkar who ended his 25 year long career as one of world's best to have played the game. While Sachin released his autobiography Playing It My Way more than an year ago, the film almost similarly walks us through his untol...more


“Sachin is a master at giving us goosebumps, only this time he does it on screen”

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Sachin: God's chosen child

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Sachin's story is well known to anyone who has even a fleeting interest in cricket. This movie is a documentary of sorts that traces his life from his childhood to his retirement after winning the World Cup.

The movie concentrates mostly on his cricketing career and its highs and lows while taking small excursions into his private life, talking about his parents or about his romance and his kids. The footage is mostly taken from cricket matches interspersed with home movies about his kids and with his friends which are quite cute and offer a glimpse into his personal world.There are small chats with his friends and some refreshingly honest insights from his gorgeous wife Anjali. However, apart from already televised old quotes from his team mates you get no fresh perspectives on him from his team mates like say small interviews with Ganguly or Dravid or his obvious fans like Harbhajan. I would have loved to hear from them on how Sachin was as a Captain or a team mate or what makes him laugh or get upset etc.

When a person is as talented and as successful as Sachin is, it would be very interesting to know what is his process of mental preparation and some personality traits that make him the unique person that he is. Unfortunately, apart from some superficial talk about his focus and concentration and showing us how hard he practices it doesn't venture into his internal processes. There is one scene where his friends tell us that when he needs to focus he listens to one particular song all day (see the movie to know which song it is!) and that calms him. This is a form of meditation I would think and it may have helped young fans to learn his methods to keep his concentration under pressure.

The movie also skims over his clash with Azharuddin and the match fixing scandal. He does speak a bit about the time that he was summarily dismissed as the Indian Captain but there are no inside details on what happens in a locker room and team dynamics. That was also absent from Dhoni and I feel by not touching upon real issues and conflicts that have happened in their lives, these movies lose a chance to give us a well -rounded personality.

If you adore Sachin and would like to see a movie that mainly idolizes him and gives us a quick run through of his career highs and lows then you will enjoy this movie. If you are not a cricket follower then the movie is like a 20 Questions Guidebook on cricket. If you want to insoire your kids to wok hard and chase dreams like he chases sixes, take them.If you are looking for answers as to what makes Sachin tick then the movie bowls you a googly and you can give it a wide berth.