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Sadda Adda

Sadda Adda

3.2 372 Ratings

Directed by : Muazzam Beg

Release Date : | Length : 130 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.1/5
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Sadda Adda is a slice of life film set in the backdrop of the capital city- Delhi. A city that brings in thousands of North Indians in search of opportunities that was never available in their own home towns. Six boys from different states come together to share a two BHK apartment in a middle-class colony, which they lovingl...more


“Sadda Adda does have a few laughs but that doesn’t seem enough to compensate for its poorly written script and amateur acting. Avoid it!”

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  • Gross: INR 0.34 cr.
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Sadda Adda Audience Review

Do not hang out at this adda

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Sadda Adda is a movie about the journey of five young guys to maturity. They are introduced to us as bright guys from good Universities trying to make a mark in their respective careers. However, most of their time seems to be spent in drinking, partying, having mock fights and ogling lecherously at girls playing tennis.

The story ambles along very slowly and takes a longish while to develop. It is too lax and the writers have not paid enough attention to take up each thread, develop it and take it to its logical end. There is only so much we can take of college type jokes and scenes of the guys trying to chat up women. For bright qualified guys they seem to be not so much driven by passion for their chosen careers as much as their desire for having a good time. Each of the five guys has a story but there are too many dangling loose ends to make the whole thing dissatisfying. The romances are also very lazy and you dont see how the relationships reach the high intensity levels they do.

The actors are amateurish at times but overall grow on you as the movie progresses. If the script had been tighter and their stories better defined they may have been able to do a better job. Rohin Robert as Rajat sound authentic as a Jat and is one of the two most natural actors in this ensemble, the other one being Rohit Arora who plays Jogi, the fat non graduate who finally makes it big. Parimal Alok as Safal, the Bihari IAS aspirant is competent also. Kunal Panth who plays Kabir looks cute and can grow on you. Karan Sharma is very forced as the aspiring actor Sameer. Bhaumik Sampat as Irfan the architect has cute dimples but cannot act at all.

There is one very nice song I recommend that you hear even if you dont see the movie. Its called Sarphira dil and it has a lovely melody.

This movie could have been a great watch but falls far short of its ambitions. There are a few good laughs, a few intense moments but its more like watching a sitcom than a full fledged movie. Only difference is that here you have to spend two hours to get an hour worth of substance.

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