Second Marriage Dot Com

Second Marriage Dot Com

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Directed by : Gaurav Panjwani

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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The film kicks off with Akshay, only child of a single parent Suneel Narang, and Poonam ,daughter of Shoma, trying to get their parents married to take away their loneliness. They get in touch with each other through a matrimonial website named '' and get their parents married. Matters complicate as Suneel a...more


“Second Marriage Dot Com is based on a good idea and creates good moments with a lot of heart but due to the amateurish direction, the film fails to make a mark.”

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Mohit Chauhan

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Second marriage.non

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Second is a movie with a good idea and a decent heart. Unfortunately, that is not enough to save it from amateur direction, which gives it the feel of a college play.

Akshay and Punam decide that their single parents should get married presumably so that they can then get married and get on with their lives while the older people fend for themselves. That the parents in question seem quite happy in their current life and dont seem to particularly want to get married is not thought of. Anyway, so they go to a website find each other and within 5 minutes of their meeting, these two people with grown up kids act like coy teens and get hitched up. The four of them start living together as a family and all is well till Akshay and Punam fall in love. The story takes off from there into all sorts of complications. There is also a side story of a romance between their two servants. Maybe the director tries to juxtapose three loves stories but you dont quite get the point of doing it. The movie ends on a surprisingly cute note though.

The actors are fairly competent. Vishal Nayak as Akshay is sweet as the yuppie and Sayani Gupta plays Punam in a smart, sassy kind of way. Shoma Upadhyaya as the mother is ok but Mohit Chauhan as the dad is the scene stealer the way he romances his new wife. You can hear the theatre going Awwww.

The Director, Gaurav Panjwani seems to like close-ups of mouths of people as they talk and its very irritating. There are some other mad camera angles too that are totally uncalled for. Also, its way too long at more than 2.5 hours.

The movie has some good moments but not enough to justify a trip to the theatres. Wait for it to sh