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Secret Superstar

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Directed by : Advait Chandan

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Produced by Aamir Khan, Secret Superstar narrates the story of a young girl who has to battle her own ways to pursue her dream of singing. Fighting the dismissive attitude of her father, the young girl played by Zaira Wasim of Dangal fame hides her own identity to do what she wants to do. The film also stars Aamir Khan in a s...more


“Aamir Khan does it again! This movie is a star & it's not a secret”

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Weepy Superstar

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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What do you do when you have a dream and you can't pursue it because someone won't let you? You turn to YouTube and become a Secret Superstar.

Incia is one such talented teenager who wants to be a singing sensation. However, her dad is a wife -beating monster who treats Incia like a second- class citizen and wants her to marry a boy of his choosing immediately after she finishes her Board exams. The story explores how Incia pursues her dreams with the support of her mother and her best friend Chintan.

The story is quite meaty with various angles in it to keep you involved. Incia's ambition, the mother's struggle to live with dignity, the cute love story between Incia and her classmate Chintan and the story of the troubled Music Director Shakti Kumaarr. Everyone is struggling and fighting some demons. They recognize their own weaknesses by acknowledging the pain of the other and their salvation and happiness is in seeking the other's success.

The movie is hyper-emotional most of the time and the soft-hearted ones amongst you will need several tissues to keep yourselves going. Every emotional moment is wrung out for every extra tear you possess and it got a bit much for me after a while. The sweet romantic moments between Chintan and Incia come as a welcome respite and Amir Khan's music director manages to infuse some comedy into the proceedings. But in spite of that, there is an overwrought sort of feeling in the movie that makes it extremely melodramatic.

Zaira Wasim pitches the 15year old Incia Malik perfectly. She is passionate about her dreams, childishly optimistic in the face of overwhelming odds and prone to violent outbursts where she throws things around when things look hopeless. She has that perpetual pained look that teenagers can have, only in her case her angst is real and justified. Meher Vij as her mother balances her out perfectly. She plays the battered wife and protective mother who tries her best to live peacefully and sensibly in a dead-end place. She knows her situation is hopeless yet she maintains a quiet optimism and cheerfulness that fuels Incia's dream. Raj Arjun as the dad is menacing enough to strike fear in our hearts and Kabir Sajjidas Incia's kid brother is cute. TIrth Sharma as Chintan Parekh who is in love with Incia is the bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary landscape. His broken teeth and dimpled smile will make you feel happy each time he comes on screen. Amir Khan's Shakti Kumaarr is larrrger than life and gives you doses of laughter just when you feel you need to go and buy another pack of tissues.

At heart, the movie has two threads - one of a young girl following her dream and the other of the relationship between a mother and daughter where they both become the nurturer at different points in time. It is engrossing, entertaining and inspirational. Ionly wish it had been a bit more subtle in its intensity. That would have given us a truly memorable movie. However, it still remains a wonderful movie to see, especially with kids.

Wishing you all a sparkling Diwali and a fulfilling year ahead!

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