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Directed by : Bejoy Nambiar

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Shaitan is the story of 5 youngsters Amy, Dash, KC, Zubin and Tanya who are young, intelligent, good looking and super cool. With no hang ups and no boundaries, excitement is what they seek till a moment changes everything. An accident and their actions to cover up lead them through a series of incidents across the roads, str...more


“Shaitan is a work of perfection! The actors are superb, the screenplay is crisp, cinematography is fantastic, and director Bijoy Nambiar deserves a big kudos. You’ll be glued to your seats while watching this thriller on India’s Gen-X.”

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  • Gross: INR 8.27 cr.
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The Darker Side

Rated 4.0 / 5

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Recently we saw many movies which presented youth through tinted prisms. It all looked so picture perfect that nobody ever thought beyond that. This subject worked so much that every movie on these lines did wonders on box office. Then came Anurag Kashyap's Shaitan, which turned the entire view upside down. It shows the other side of the coin that how one bad family past can effect the entire future of the kid. It also shows that kids not only need money but proper family values for their bright future. No only these, Shaitan deals with many other situations that youth of today can face.

Movie presents a group of rich kids having all the money to splurge around and there this behaviour gets them to enter the vicious circle of violence, drugs, crime and what not. All this happenns due to zero moral values fromn their family, which makes them so evil that they were ready to put and and everything on stake to save themselves.

The situations and the fight between sanity and insanity are shown so correctly on screen that though few scenes might disturb you but you will agree that these things actually happen. Director Bijnoy Nabiar has already set the box office on fire with this very first project.

Not only the concept, dialogues and story but the cast chosen for Shaitan has done complete justice to their roles.This 'real life horror' genre will keep you engaged thoroughly and highly impactful.

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