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It is a tale of an ordinary man lured in by promises of a bright and successful future, trading in 12 hours of his life.


“Despite a novel concept and an honest performance by Hussain, the film is not worth watching due to a ridiculous story and bad writing. ”

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  • Gross: INR 0.32 cr.
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Hello Wall, meet Head!

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When your weekend begins with having to watch a film called Shree, you know karma is biting you in the derriere, nonetheless, lets delve into this mystery/thriler/sci-fi ride which is also the launch vehicle for television actor Hussain Kuwajerwala.

Shree is your average-joe middleclass man who has a girlfriend he intends to marry. Wanting to make the big money, he gets a once in a lifetime offer of super money from his boss Jairaaj where all he has to do is give up 12 hours of his life for an experiment ( simple). Genius Jairaaj has already done this with 8 people and it didnt work but is sure he will crack it this time.

Ofcourse, Shree's life turns upside down as he is accused of murder & is a criminal on the run, trying to find out the truth behind the mishap of his life.

Hussain is a great actor but is undone by a ludicrous story & shoddy dialogues. Unfortunately, this is no Aamir sort of a debut, though it intends to be. THe actress looks bad & acts worse.

The title Shree itself was a sad one to start off with & my only regret other than watching this film is that Hussain, who could have made a much more promising debut pretty much shoots his film-career right down the center.

There is Ironman releasing this week so I would be really keen to know if anyone ends up reading this review at all!

Also, if you think Salman Khan is good, check out our man Hussain go topless to promote this film with a song as atrocious as the title. Bear in mind, the production values of the finished product are as good as this video link below:

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