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Shudra: The Rising

Shudra: The Rising

3.8 1,265 Ratings

Directed by : Sanjeev Jaiswal

Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Shudra: The Rising is the story of 250 million people subjugated in war and condemned to slavery and bestial existence for ages. These peace loving & imprudent people of ancient times were usurped by more aggressive and acquisitive group of men and societies.

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Gauri Shanker

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  • Gross: INR 0.77 cr.
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Shudra-the depression

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Shudra is a very serious movie about the exploitation of the lower classes by the upper classes in not only our society but all over the world.

The story is about a village of Shudras who have to tie a bell on their ankle to announce their presence so that the upper castes can stay out of their way. Rather than a story it is more a string of incidents of rape, murder, tongue cutting and other atrocities committed on the villagers. When a few of the Shudra men in a fit of rage kill the Thakur's son, the Thakur takes revenge by burning the entire village down. The movie then talks about Dr. Ambedkar, Martin Luther King and other leaders who fought against the exploitation of the weak. But the respite is brief as we are then shown quick montages of news clips, which tell us that these atrocities continue to this day.

The story is a moving and powerful. However, the execution is too melodramatic. More powerful statements are made by silences than weeping and wailing. And there are prurient attempts at sensationalism as when the woman who the Thakur calls to his home to rape, is shown being given a bath with rose petals and then dressed up in jewelry etc. Sure, the contrast between her state and that of her husband who is lying brutally beaten up needs to be shown, but I don't know how much this sort of thing helps. Also, it is not much about the rising as about the exploitation. It leaves you feeling pessimistic, but then maybe that was the intention.

However, the movie is disturbing and thought provoking. We are so used to Candyland in Bollywood that when something like this comes along I am not sure we can handle it. Watch it if your rose tinted glasses have become too boring for you.

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