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The Silent Heroes

The Silent Heroes

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Directed by : Mahesh Bhatt

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The film is based on the story of 13 real deaf children who through mountaineering want to prove that they are different but not disabled.


“Feeble handling of the honest narrative puts The Silent Heroes down.”

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The SIlent Heroes

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Sidhant Shori (4,660 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The Silent Heroes is an interesting concept marred by some truly nauseating execution. It carries itself about with a self righteousness that it doesn't even come close to earning. From the word go, the term "differently abled" is hammered into your skull, until you dread ever having to hear it again. A movie about the underdog always has an audience, but in this case, it fails to inspire. It's hard to feel much for the 13 deaf children when they're presented as a set, not as individuals. This defeats the entire premise of the movie, and leaves its self righteousness without a leg to stand on.

TSH is about 13 deaf children who undertake a gruelling mountaineering challenge to prove they're differently abled, not disabled. Kapil, an instructor from the National Services Scheme is hired to mentor these 13 kids so they may achieve their goal. He comes equipped with cringe inducing dialogues and loaded to the brim with self righteousness. A Caricaturized villain (The movie really didn't need one at all), presents herself in the form of Hima, who's a hard taskmaster and accompanies the kids on their journey. To show that she's a villain, her dialogues are presented with an ominous background score. The 13 kids, who are deaf in real life as well, aren't given any identity of their own. They are simply deaf children. This a critical flaw in the film, undermining these deaf kids without giving the audience a chance to get to know them as anything but deaf children.

TSH shows a lot of promise, but it is truly poorly executed. There are almost no redeeming qualities aside from the 13 kids, despite their limited roles. Some truly terrible dialogue only serves to compound problems. This is a journey best left untaken. Avoid.

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