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Directed by : Hansal Mehta

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Having done quite a number of films on slightly similar lines being a single lead, Simran is yet another Kangana Ranaut show directed by Hansal Mehta. The film is about a young woman who chases her ambition to get what she's aspired but instead gets involved in a world of crime. Set in the US, the film has a fun tonality unra...more


“Simran isn't really a great show but it's a great Kangana show!”

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Kangana Ranaut


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Kangana plays crazy mixed up 30 year old divorcee, indulges in gambling, bank robbery etc

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Very difficult to asess this one woman show by Kangana where she hogs the footage. ( She is there in every frame ). She is a bindas free spirited Gujerati 30 year old divorcee living with her parents in Atlanta USA. She works as a housekeeper in a hotel. Highly independent in her views and actions, she wants her own house while her father wants her to join him in his business. In one of her visits to Las Vegas with a cousin she loses in gambling and in a weak drunken moment she borrows 32,000 dollars which
she loses in gambling. Then starts her nightmare as the loan sharks demand 50,000 dollars within a tight timeframe. Not able to arrange money she finds great adventure as she holds up a bank and does it again with success. Meanwhile her parents have fixed up a match for her and want her to get married. The law finally catches up with her.
Director Hanslal Mehta is on a different turf and the focus is on a single madcap character and her misadventures. Surely entertaining as we follow Kangana as she moves from problem to problem. Kangana Ranaut goes through a whole range of emotions and actions in her confounded confusion and one has to admit that she has acted out the role well even though it is highly unconventional as per Hindi film norms. The actors who play her parents and fiance have also done well. All in all no questions asked type of entertainment.

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