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Directed by : Hansal Mehta

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Having done quite a number of films on slightly similar lines being a single lead, Simran is yet another Kangana Ranaut show directed by Hansal Mehta. The film is about a young woman who chases her ambition to get what she's aspired but instead gets involved in a world of crime. Set in the US, the film has a fun tonality unra...more


“Simran isn't really a great show but it's a great Kangana show!”

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Rated 2.5 / 5
by Zinia Bandyopadhyay (817,023 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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When one of the best actresses in the industry is teaming up with one of the best directors in the business, it is expected that the film will be nothing short of mind blowing. The expectations, quite naturally, get sky high and it becomes difficult to keep up with it. When Kangana and Hansal Mehta teamed up for Simran, the scenario had been quite similar. And it looks like the film failed to live up to the expectations.

The fault, though, does not lie with Kangana but with the script and the execution of the film. The film had a very sluggish pace in many of the parts even though the narrative was smooth. The main problem with the story-telling was that while at some point, the film would hold our attention tightly, the very next moment, it will be loosened, and such fluctuations actually proved bad for the film.

If you had been expecting something like Queen, then let me warn you at the beginning that this film is different. There are moments that will remind you of other Kangana Ranaut films, but this film in itself has an element of its own.

Kangana Ranaut has been stupendous in the film. From her Gujju accent (which was more believable than Anushka's Sejal) to her English or her behavior as the innocent 'lipstick bandit', everything was flawless. The supporting actors were a mixed bag. While the actors playing Kangana's parents were extremely good, Soham Shah as her fiance was not so convincing.

The strong points in the film, besides Kangana Ranaut, have been the music, the cinematography, and the comic timings. That also means that the dialogues, which had been surrounded by a lot of controversies, were actually good. It will make you feel involved with the film and hold your attention too. The music merged seamlessly and was a pleasure to the ears. 'Meet' especially was beautiful. And coming to the cinematography, the little elements of Atlantic and Las Vegas was captured. You saw the celebrations, the lights and the colors of Las Vegas standing in a stark contrast to the mundane, yet homely lanes of Atlantic.

The fault solely was probably with the way the narrative continued. It was smooth, and yet it had something missing. Probably there were points where the director let it loose. Hansal Mehta has proved time and again that he is a genius director. To be able to present intense and deep stories like that of Shahid and Aligarh and craft it with excellence is no easy task. But when it came to a relatively light hearted film, Mehta faltered and it seems that he is just best with the way he had been handling his films. This new experiment was not that successful!

Go and watch the film if you are a Kangana fan. You can watch it if you do not have a loooot of expectation. But if you are expecting another Queen, then this will be a major disappointment.

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