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Directed by : Amole Gupte

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Having crafted one of the most mesmerizing kids like Stanley Ka Dabba and written a sensitively thought evoking movie Taare Zameen Par, writer and filmmaker Amole Gupte this time directs a unique kids film with a spy in the making.

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Khushmeet Gill

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Kid with a 'golden nose'.

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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By now viewers acknowledge the talents of Amol Gupte ,the 'child specialist 'film maker.This time it's the nose which has smelling powers .
Sunny Gill( Khushmeet),an 8 years child,is born with a blocked nose.He can't smell.His immediate family members( dad and grand maa) feel worried about this disability.Even the best specialists fail to provide any cure.A freak accident in a chemistry lab releases gasses in the air which enables the child to smell.This smell is not ordinary.It's a divine boon which enables the child to smell food,gases ,perfumes etc.It's through this power that he solves many crimes .The major crime here is about a car theft within his residential complex.
In short a disability,becomes his biggest asset.
Where does Sniff!!! score high? High production value,the story telling,the all round good performances ,the sincerety of purpose,the sensitivity in presentation.,above all taking up a subject never treaded earlier.
The short comings? Engaging only upto a point ,not throughout.
Some general observations.Saw the movie with hardly any audience- moms with their patka tied sikh children.The functioning of RWAs is realistic.The helpless of a child with zero smell power drew empathy.Understood the importance of dogs in smelling explosives and helping the cops in detection of the trail of crimes.The role of installing CCTV gadgets despite the right to privacy being declared a fundamental right by the apex court.The role of children ( who are unbiased) in providing clues to many a crimes.
All in all Sniff could be enjoyed by kids .The box office returns being poor,may not enable the distributors to go beyond a few shows.

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