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Directed by : V.K. Singh

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The story is about a young man, his love and the betrayal. Arjun works in Germany; he has an easy time with his friends. One day he finds Anupama in Germany. He is astonished to see her. Anupamawas the only girl, he had ever desired for. Now he has everything, Love, Luxury and happiness… He plans to marry her, but still there...more


“Bad story line, poor direction and terrible performances steal the spark from this movie, feel free to skip it. ”

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Rajniesh Duggal


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  • Gross: INR 0.09 cr.
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Rated 0.5 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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With "Spark" I realise Hindi cinema has come of age; for now even "tax write offs" come with decent production values and some amount of "gloss". Matlab standard hai. Heroines are egalitarian, they will maintain same dress code in the cold of the Bavarian winter and/or the humidity of small town Uttar Pradesh---putting the micro in micro shorts. Young men will sing Aaj Rapat Jaye Tou pubbing in Germany, villains in U.P will be called Hitler Singh...yaar kiya globalization hain, or is it further proof that Bharat-Deutschland are in the end Aryan Bhai-Bhai?

So "Spark" the film (there were so many rip offs during the course of the film I thought the name was a sly tribute to Kick..wrong, you need Spark Notes to make sense of the script) has a Mere Mama Papa Kaun Hai types young lad (played by Rajniesh Duggal--for him suffering Spark is karma for the karishma that was being cast against Karishma Kapoor in Dangerous Ishq ) being brought up by Ranjeet, in a film where Ranjeet is the kindliest, most khandaani barey Papa types person around. Yup. Ranjeeet has spent some time hanging out with a bai with a heart of gold, who instead of giving him the gift of questionable diseases, leaves him with young Mere Mama Papa Kaun Hai who in turn has been dropped off at thebai's by Sanjay Mishra who plays a hitman who*please stay with me, I am only going to say it once*, who after going on a killing spree " leaves the gun picks up the crying baby" and then loses his memory. Sanjay Mishra did this film as nazar suraksha for all the accolades he was going to get after "Aankho Dheki".

Confused yet?

MMPKH lad grows up to fall for a young woman jis ne kabhi UP ko bhoola kabhi Germany ko yaad kiya and has the occupational hazard of writing her phone number on people's palms when they want to save it in their mobile "Iski kiya zaroorat". Sure theek hi kaha, iski kiya zaroorat, its not that anything else makes sense.

And just as I am ready to abandon the spark notes enter Ashutosh Rana playing the afore mentioned Hitler Singh. Rana wanted to be paid his acting fee in item dances and driving around in jeeps roughing up people so 45 minutes of that and then the actress formerly known as Rati Agnihorti steps in in a guest appearance to tie a rakhi. But why? Maybe as sanskar suraksha for all the lap dances we have been witnessing for a while . Shift scene to zila parishad elections and some closure to Mere Mama Papa Kaun

Hai-itis. But by now no one cares.

The movie is terrible , but a very very good tax write off if this is what the producers wanted *wink wink nudge nudge*.

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