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Speedy Singhs

Speedy Singhs

3.7 507 Ratings

Directed by : Robert Lieberman

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  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Rajveer Singh is a 21 year old young man raised as a traditional Sikh. He was forbidden as a boy to cut his hair which stopped him from playing hockey, the game which he wants to make his career in. In his early teens, forsaking his familys religious traditions and beliefs, he removed his turban and cut his hair. But this con...more


“Even with a worn-out storyline, Speedy Singhs manages to engross the audience with decent performances, lively music and humor. A time pass entertainer!”

Speedy Singhs Box Office

  • Gross: INR 2.56 cr.
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Plot involving brown's not being able to play for white teams is something much known to all of us. We all are aware of Bend it like Beckham and Patiala House, which had similar story to narrate. Still Speedy Singh is a decent watch for the week due to good performances and peppy music.

Vinay Virmani the lead for Speedy Singh did a superb job and will be able to gather lot of appreciation with this flick. Though story did not have much scope as it's all said and done but Speedy Singh will still keep you engaged through out. Veterans Anupam Kher and Russell Peters were like the cherry on top. They not only added a different look to the movie but also casting them worked as wonder for the film-makers.

Story on the whole has got nothing new to offer but still it carries a feel good factor which leaves a smile throughout on your face. Another reason why Speedy Singhs will do a decent job is due to its OST, especially the track by Ludacris and RDB is just too good. Speaking of technical, movie falls short of that front but still correct amount of romance, drama, humor, good dialogues and great performances make speedy Singh worth a watch.

Footer: Speedy Singhs retells you a tale that is worn out and seen in the past but still stands strong on other grounds. Do give it a shot, honestly you won't regret!

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