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Super Nani

Super Nani

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Directed by : Indra Kumar

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‘Super Nani’ gives a strong message to all the women that their power lies within themselves; all they need to do is discover and use it. The journey of Bharti Bhatia is definitely a one to be experienced, as the fun, laughter, tickles, and tears of happiness will leave you with a light heart and a changed mind.


“ Rekha's comeback vehicle is stuck in the 90's. Dull, monotonous and preachy, Super Nani is not so super after all. ”

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  • Gross: INR 2.58 cr.
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Super avoid

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Super Nani is full of super cliches. Name a film regular and it is present here:

1. The devoted 'mera pati mera devta hai' wife who adores the uncaring boorish husband.

2. Husband who treats her like a doormat

3. A modern woman in a dress who boorish husband prefers

4. A horrid son who wasted money on the stock market

5. A terrible daughter-in-law who wants to act in movies

6. A wailing infant that wannabe movie star cant handle

7. A daughter who wants to marry a divorced man with kids and have a live in relationship

8. A saint like guy who loves the suffering Nani since she looked after him as a kid and promises to change her life

9. An old childhood friend of Nani who will help saintly guy to transform Nani from a doormat to a superstar model

10.A scene against people kissing in heritage monuments and talk of Bhartiya 'sanskruti'

11.A cloyingly sweet girlfriend for the saint guy

12.Punishments and tears of regret and making up from the family

You get the point.

I guess this movie was made because Rekha was keen to show everyone that she can still look young and beautiful and glamorous. Well she does but I don't want to watch this movie to prove her theory.

Super avoid.

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